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Women's escape from Nanjing marketing dens Street want to jump the bridge was saved


CNDSN December 31st news] (website) Xiaojuan in Fujian, childhood is a left behind children, parents working outside, no matter she. She gullible netizens words caught Shanghai marketing dens, managed to escape, and on the way home on the Nanjing. A series of hit the girl of 20 years old to despair, want to jump off a bridge to commit suicide. The police forced an hour will be saved, an enthusiastic citizen of Nanjing and took out 2000 yuan to support her, Xiaojuan deeply moved, eventually give up suicide.

In December 29th, around 1 pm, Hongshan station received the alarm, the five overpass a woman want to jump off a bridge. The police rushed to the scene to see, Xiaojuan trance, gaunt, standing on the parapet, clutching the railing. The bridge deck and below the overpass highway 312 drop more than 20 meters, once down, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Police asked her to commit suicide reasons. "My father and mother do not want me, what do I have to live......" Xiaojuan crying.

The original, from the lack of parental love Xiaojuan grew up strong rebellious psychology. Two months ago, she met a netizen to let her go to Shanghai, promised to give her to find a job, but also to take care of her. With a beautiful vision, Xiaojuan to Shanghai.

See the netizen, Xiaojuan just know, no work to do for her, but let her do mlm. Xiaojuan know this is illegal, determined not to do. The other party will she interned, restrict her freedom, and even beat and scold her, trying to make Xiaojuan yield. Xiaojuan stayed for a month, finally found the opportunity to run out. However, she had no money, only plays a vagrant life.

In late December, aid agencies in Shanghai will be sent back to their countries of origin, but a strange combination of circumstances, Xiaojuan also went to the Nanjing. Penniless Xiaojuan came to a strange city, think about faraway hometown can not go back, even back to also can not get the love of parents, in desperation, she ran on the overpass to end his life.

"In fact, there are still many people care about you, alive than what all good......" The police struggling to persuade. Listen to Xiaojuan talking for a long time, the police think she should be thirsty, active handed him a bottle of water. Xiaojuan in the water instantly, the police quickly stepped forward to be saved.

Police save, Xiaojuan cried. At this time, a crowd of people crowded into the crowd, "girl, you heart pain, I can understand that there really is good in the world, do not be discouraged, to self-improvement." Said, the public took out 2000 yuan plug to Xiaojuan, said it was to fund its home expenses.

Took the money, and then see the police for their help, Xiaojuan really touched. With the police back to the police station, Xiaojuan said not to commit suicide, just want to go home and have a good life. The police then contacted Xiaojuan's uncle, and through the relief stations to buy her ticket back to Fujian, let her return home safely. *

(original title: Women's escape from Nanjing marketing dens Street want to jump the bridge was saved)

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