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The construction of "play control" system "pyramid selling" win support among the people


CNDSN December 23rd news [] (Shenzhen newspaper) in Shenzhen city this year, the future work to combat pyramid selling from the simple "hit", a simple scatter to the full range of prevention, in three years to create no MLM city. Under this background, the streets of Pinghu to fully mobilize the community, departments and social forces, the implementation of comprehensive management, comprehensive and in-depth development of the fight against pyramid schemes and pyramid selling street to create work, the formation of the unified leadership, street Party Working Committee Office Community territorial responsibility, inter departmental coordination transmission pattern in the work, carry out a comprehensive investigation, the fight against crime, publicity and education, the establishment of long-term mechanism consummation, has achieved remarkable results. In early 12, Pinghu street 12 community smoothly through no MLM community to create evaluation and acceptance.


The distribution of "a contact card", "the establishment of an information platform", "issued an open letter," signed "letters of responsibility, a" build "a regulatory network"...... Through the establishment of a sound leadership and coordination mechanism, and actively implement the "Five" project, Pinghu Street No MLM streets create job falls to real point.

Organization is the key. The streets of Pinghu, set up by the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee Weiwen and for comprehensive management director group leader, in charge of transmission work of the party working committee member, deputy director of the office as deputy leader, 13 departments, 12 community responsible for human members of the streets no MLM streets create work leading group, set of plan, create standard and organization coordination, information reporting, joint law enforcement and other related work system and rules, a clear division of responsibilities, authorities and community time steps, work content, and the implementation of the $300000 guarantee funds.

In the implementation process of "Five" project in the community, to the residents of the mass distribution of the contact card more than 3 Zhang, the full implementation of mass; relying on the community of floating population and rental housing IMIS station, building information files on the whole street 20459 building rental housing and 480000 floating population, forming clue collection and command coordination of comprehensive information platform one of the more than 2 copies issued an open letter.

At the same time, the streets of Pinghu and other community signed letters of responsibility, integration of the police station to create; market supervision, rental housing IMIS such departments and the community management strength, build 12 community supervision network, 82 small regulatory network, forming the end longitudinal, transverse to the edge of the stereoscopic monitoring and full attack linkage work network.

All the people involved in the "play control" resist pyramid into a conscious action

The streets of Pinghu to rely on community organization and guide to mobilize the masses to participate in the fight against pyramid schemes as an important task this year no MLM community created, hard effort in improve the full range of prevention and control of MLM system, the key of community grass-roots organizations and the public become truly played sentinel, anti levels, in the system control, the fight against pyramid schemes "hit the streets of Pinghu" overall, control system, anti establishment.

The streets every community set up a report and report the phone box, and to the residents of the masses are widely distributed contact cards, guide the masses to actively report pyramid selling; the MLM investigation into work contents of community dazongguan, security team, property management center, give full play to mass for the General Assembly members; by the resident representative of the general assembly, guide Party members initiative of the masses report pyramid selling, refused to marketing; organization of residents groups, Wuguan area and building long to comprehensively strengthen the investigation and monitor of the rental housing.

Publicity and public opinion guidance is one of the important measures of prevention and control of the pyramid scheme. Come one year, Pinghu Street closely "away from pyramid schemes, guardian happiness" the subject to a series of create no MLM Street propaganda, MLM widely publicized to the social public knowledge definition, harm, forms and pyramid selling legal responsibility law, effectively improve the masses of residents identify the MLM, refused to pyramid sales ability, get broad support from all sectors of society. Next, the streets will promote transmission education into the school, factory, into the job market, the propaganda and education, cover a wider audience more.

"Seen blow MLM propaganda film" secret MLM me in the park "." "I participated in the activities of pyramid selling refuses to sign." "I received a printed with 'away from pyramid selling, guardian happiness' ceramic cup and umbrella......" The street organization of the various forms of promotional activities, to resist the MLM into people's life, to become the conscious action of the people.

MLM dens outcrop hit this year, destroyed 14 dens

A grasp of diagnostic investigation, two arrested, three catches against remediation joint law enforcement, four catches and prevent "resurgence" -- since the launching of pyramid selling since the creation of Pinghu street, the street always maintain high-pressure situation crackdown on pyramid schemes, do the pyramid selling activities of outcrop hit. This year has dispatched investigation remediation work personnel more than 4200 people, the vehicles 715 times, inspection of rental housing more than 16000 buildings (sets), destroying the MLM dens 14, education demobilization pyramid retail personnel 31 person time.

In May this year, the streets of Pinghu organized a 3 month combat remediation MLM concentrated action. After the operation, in the area there are still sporadic pyramid selling activities, will study through the street team, and in August in the whole street organized a strike pyramid selling big propaganda big investigation large special rectification action, in accordance with the "grid management mechanism in families do not leak, do not leak, Tung Tung households do not leak layer, layer does not leak" principle, to the whole street rental housing for the carpet style investigation, on the residual MLM dens were thoroughly cleaned.

The street special emphasis on strengthening departments jointly, in close collaboration, established a coordination mechanism to promote the transfer of law enforcement, law enforcement authorities of cohesion. Since this year, has organized a joint law enforcement 5 times, various departments and the community from the rental housing investigation and multi control, investigation and evidence collection, clear the ban on division of labor cooperation, effective against MLM molecular arrogance. The resurgence in order to prevent the dens of investigation after the activities of pyramid selling, pyramid marketing dens, to implement the grid community responsibility system, household contract, not regular "check back", defend, and do the full rental housing owners and two "landlord" ideological work, effectively prevent the resurgence of the pyramid "".

Reporter notes:

Pinghu street is located in Shenzhen and Dongguan, Longgang district and Longhua district at the junction area of the total area of 41.8 square kilometers, 12 under the jurisdiction of a community, a total population of about 500000 people, of which the household register population 25927 people, the floating population of about 480000 people. The existing school 19, rental housing 20459, village 43.

Because of this special located at two city and two district at the junction of the geographical location and traffic extending in all directions, rental suites and migrant population, often becomes the MLM organizations foothold. In 2005 and 2009, the streets surrounding rental housing central business district has twice gathered a lot of MLM dens and marketing personnel. After the clean-up effort to combat, the public security organ seized more than 10 Pyramid Head Q and backbone, rescued hundreds deceived the masses, the MLM organizations was completely destroyed in a short period of time.

However, since the second half of last year, the name of a name of "Sun God" direct selling enterprises is actually engaged in pyramid marketing organization, quietly and quickly spread in the streets of Pinghu Phoenix community. The streets of Pinghu promptly organize relevant functional departments and the community to act quickly, especially since this year carried out closely around the pyramid selling street to create work, to launch a powerful propaganda offensive, investigation and combating, successfully curb MLM momentum.

As of Q before, from the streets of the community weekly investigation situation, MLM dens have been thoroughly clean up banned. The fact proves, to carry out the MLM streets to create, is conducive to the improvement of community residents and migrant workers awareness of self-protection, conducive to the survival and development of the eradication of pyramid selling from the source of soil, is conducive to the fundamental blocking MLM in area development spread possibility.

(original title: Construction of "play control" system "pyramid selling" people)

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