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Four dozen stocks under the guise of borrow sites engage in MLM suction gold billion for


CNDSN December 25th news  (Qilu Evening News Li Yongjun) in 2011 May, Liu, Liu and other people knew of the JILD website, myrsky website MLM is the network organization, but in order to get high salary, management actively participate in Web site. At the same time, there are people to the field of the positive development of membership. At present, Zaozhuang four suspects were central city people's court sentenced to the punishment of the crime of organizing, leading pyramid selling activities.

The new and old members is a superior subordinate relationship, registered to pay at least ten thousand

Since 2011 March, Lu Mou (dealt with) and others to seek illegal interests, the start up of JILD web site, Mai Ruikai site, in the name of the fund sales, stock, open membership through the two website. JILD web site and myrsky step by step the recommended way to development of members, new members must be required by the old member introduction, the formation of a superior subordinate relationship.

At the same time, membership at least respectively pay 11000 yuan, 10000 yuan registered gold, by paying the registration of gold and the introduction of new members to pay registration, receive bonuses and dividends in proportion to the site distribution. The JILD website and myrsky website through members of the organization to the outbound tourism, meetings and provide the computer for outstanding performance, members of the way to attract members of mobile phone.

2011 May to 2013 March, the defendant Liu, Li Mou by Lu some employment, knew of the JILD web site, Mai Ruikai site is MLM network organization, to get high salary, management actively participate in Web site. Among them, the defendant Liu is responsible for issuing the bonuses, for members and site staff, and introduce the defendant Lee joined.

Among them, Lee is responsible for site management, maintenance, issued a notice for the site, is a member of modifying the site data, online recharge etc.. By the end of March 6, 2013, the defendant Liu, Li is the JILD website, myrsky website member withdrawals 50638871 yuan.

Wantonly development member, the two defendants charged gold nearly 100 million registered members

In addition, in early 2012 to 2013 March, Han x, a knowing that the JILD site is MLM network marketing organization, to get high salary, the positive development of members in Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Dalian and other places, is a member of this website introduces the operating situation, members of the organization of tourism, the meeting will be issued, as mobile phone, computer and other prizes, help member registration website account, charge membership fees of registration gold. As of 2013 March, the two defendants charged member registration fee of 94657673 yuan.

As early as in 2013 March, the four defendants for alleged crimes by the Zaozhuang City Central District Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. In June this year, the case by the Central People's Procuratorate of Zaozhuang city to City Central District People's court prosecution, recently, the case has been the end of the trial.

The court held that the defendant Han Moumou to sales fund name, asked the participants to pay gold get registered membership, and component level according to certain order, to the development of the number of staff as the main return basis, lure participants continue to develop other people, cheat, disrupt social and economic order, if the circumstances are serious; the defendant Liu, Li Mou so, some MLM organizations assume property management, capital settlement, website maintenance duties, on the pyramid selling activities of the implementation, the MLM organization establishment, expansion of its key function personnel, all their acts have constituted the crime of organization and leadership of pyramid selling activities.

The subsequent court ruling four defendants guilty of organization and leadership of the crime. Sentenced to two years to six years imprisonment ranging from twenty thousand to one million, and impose a fine ranging. *

(original title: four dozen stocks under the guise of borrow sites engage in MLM suction gold billion jailed)

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