2014-12-25 14:38


Caution: to join the chain hotel as pyramid selling crime



CNDSN December 25th news [] (Huizhong - direct selling News) recently, Shijiazhuang city departments of economic investigation found that some lawless elements to join the "home investment in hotel management in the work (Beijing) Co., Ltd." is a cover, with low risk, high returns as bait, lure people to participate in the pull type MLM crime. In this regard, the Economic Investigation Corps of the Hebei provincial public security department to remind the masses: the need to improve the awareness of risk prevention, in order to avoid errors catch MLM trap, causing unnecessary economic losses.

Via checking, criminals claiming to home in the Fasthotel is composed of USA investment company jointly with domestic investment company co founded the national economy chain hotel brand, has now opened a hotel in Beijing, Tangshan entity, Chengde etc.. The lawbreakers wantonly publicity home Home Inns hotel chain investment projects to held a promotion will form, and the organization has the intention of the investors in Beijing, Chengde and other places of fieldwork hotel operating conditions, the MLM form very deceptive. I

According to the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department of Economic Investigation Corps introduced magnitude in Jinjiang Home Inns, Fasthotel franchise investment profits in different ways, and often tens of million yuan investment threshold, the so-called "home Fasthotel" as long as investors invested 5000 yuan to buy a stock can be involved in the project, and to develop the line investors personnel quantity and investment as the basis of payment and get the so-called high earnings, with typical characteristics of pull type pyramid selling crime. *

(original title: caution: to join the chain hotel as pyramid selling crime)

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