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Liaoning Fuxin number of measures to promote the transmission


CNDSN December 30th news (Chinese consumers reported) recently, a reporter from the Fuxin province Liaoning City Industrial and commercial bureau understands, since this year, the bureau "government leadership, departments linkage, catch condominium together, comprehensive management" principle, take "into four" and "Five" measures to promote the fight, in the transmission work, intensify the crackdown, and improve the long-term mechanism, tamp regulatory foundation has made fruitful achievements -- in the city formed a work and pull together, mass prevention and control, giving priority to prevention, combining the transmission network, to prevent the MLM to penetrate Fuxin.

It is reported that, as of now, Fuxin city issued a total of more than 2 copies of promotional materials transmission, set up publicity column 98, the issuance of the creation of "pyramid city" plaque 216; the organization of thematic activities 5 times; law enforcement officers dispatched 412 passengers, 50 vehicles; ban suspected MLM training places, living at point 5; disperse the illegal pyramid selling personnel 165 person time; registration of rental housing 147 households, 457 floating population. Fuxin city is Liaoning province transmission work leading group awarded the "no MLM city", the seven district two county were "no MLM county (District)" award.

Multi sectoral collaboration "into four" "Five" hit the MLM

This year, the Fuxin municipal Party committee, City Hall attaches great importance to transmission work, set up by the city public security, industry and commerce, civil affairs, education, culture, radio and television, live build, people club and other 26 departments for the member units of the "Fuxin city blow MLM joint law enforcement leadership group", issued a "joint action to combat illegal pyramid selling in Fuxin city implementation of the program" and "Fuxin City disposal MLM emergency plan".

In addition, Fuxin City Hall beat transfer work as an important content of the District, in the government performance evaluation, so that each district and county leaders and relevant departments attach great importance to.

Haizhou area as the Fuxin downtown to the peace, police station, Xinhua Industrial and commercial, light community as the center, within the jurisdiction of the floating population, rental housing Mopai; Development District of Fuxin City, transmission advanced district, the district to create no MLM community as the maintenance of market economic order, maintaining stability, benefit the people's livelihood, promoting key work in harmony, established a government led, target management, prevention and guide public opinion, combined, sector coordination mechanism, a new hierarchical supervision, consolidate the transmission results, explore the transmission mode, for the city's transmission work set an example.

To strengthen publicity and education in the transmission, the main city of Fuxin "four" into "five a": the transmission of knowledge into the mall, into the campus, into the community, into the village; the distribution of "a contact card", build "an information desk", "issued an open letter, signed" "a responsibility book", build "a regulatory network". "Four" and "Five" to make the transmission working deep into each field of the society, the formation of the whole society to participate actively in the good atmosphere transmission.

For example, Fuxin City Administration of industry and commerce with festivals and consumption period, the supervision and management of industrial and commercial personnel organization and the market into the city of large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, the State Council issued "the prohibition of marketing regulations" and "direct selling regulations" to the people in the past, enhance the anti - biography, identification pass consciousness and away from pyramid schemes, refused to pyramid selling skills social people, thus forming a favorable atmosphere of the whole society to jointly prevent mlm.

Preach not slacken prevent MLM in Campus

Fuxin city in the transmission work found in illegal pyramid selling organization, college students use sheshi not deep, eager to employment, eager for success psychological, to participate in pyramid schemes to lure introduces employment and a high reward means students, serious impact on the college campus order and social stability. To this end, Fuxin in the city within the scope of the "prevent pyramid selling into the campus" activities. In April 15th, the campaign was launched at Liaoning Technical University, more than 500 of all college students attended the launching ceremony.

In the ceremony, Fuxin City Chuan office issued the "Fuxin city to carry out to prevent the pyramid selling activities on campus" and "the implementation of the program to students in an open letter", industrial and commercial personnel on-site issued the fight against pyramid schemes, regulating direct selling brochures and leaflets. The participating students watched the propaganda board, understand what is MLM, MLM elements, MLM harm, MLM deception and typical cases. Illustrated the forms of propaganda, make the college students have a more profound understanding and the understanding to the far away from pyramid selling, to build harmonious campus.

Based on combining the long-term mechanism of compaction

The fight against pyramid schemes is a long-term, complex and arduous task, building mechanism, fixed system, the strong foundation is particularly important.

Since this year, the city of Fuxin to establish a local Party committee, government guidance, multi sectoral joint cooperation mechanism; to industry and commerce, public security, "hit, prevention, education, press" Duocuobingju, all-round, multi-level work.

Based on the use of traditional "brief" etc. transmission form, Fuxin city adopted the QQ group, micro letter and other forms the timely transmission of transmission information. Business and market regulators to participate in pyramid retail personnel entry of electronic archives. At the same time, market supervision, public security police and communities, townships to achieve "resource sharing" rally information, the formation of industry and commerce, public security, community, the operator of the "four in one" prevention and control network.

Fuxin City, the transmission related units, also establish and improve the transmission work responsibility system. Industry and commerce, public security respectively and are under the jurisdiction of the County Bureau (Branch), base layers signed working target responsibility certificates, to implement the Bureau linkage, the responsibility to the people. Unit and individual accountability kumite transfer caused by inadequate influence, and evaluation and assessment first excellence, performance. For the multi-level marketing case, to run afoul of the law shall be transferred to the relevant departments, according to law, to deter illegal molecular marketing. *

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