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World Harmony Foundation public welfare organizations in the name of marketing real


CNDSN January 4th news [] (surging News Network) and the pyramid selling organization will foreigners lured to local brainwashing classes, the development way of members and offline mode is different, disguised pyramid means new marketing network uses more deceptive.

Recently, Hengxian people's Court of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region sentenced Nanning City, together with the internet pyramid selling case. Different from the previous traditional pyramid selling case, the MLM organizations play a "nominal World Harmony Foundation", in Hengxian a membership of more than 100 people, level above grade 5, charge a membership fee to the amount of about 1000000 yuan.

Understand according to the reporter, to public welfare organizations in the name of marketing real cases in recent years in Guangxi to take hold of the potential.

"Harmonious world center" located in residential buildings

In Hengxian some business to provide a housekeeping service entity shop. In January 19, 2013, Hu Mouyan led a man claiming to be the General Yang man came into the shop, introduce Zhou investment "World Harmony Foundation" project.

"Young general" open foundation web site said, as long as 3 personal funds in the "World Harmony Foundation" website investment a gold member, and then a gold member as the recommended people to invest in a diamond level members, immediately there will be gains.

The investment of the money go? The proceeds of the money come from? "Young general" explained: "it's like pay endowment insurance, old young people with insurance money."

Zhou felt that the project is good, with Hu Mouyan, Zhong Mou to scrape together 8000 yuan, respectively, investment gold member, diamond level members two policy, and apply for the establishment of "World Harmony Foundation" Hengxian declaration center, business in the domestic store. "Young general" through the station transfer way to borrow 10000 yuan virtual currency as a start-up capital site.

The report center was established, in order to earn more money, Zhou and other 3 people draw, introduced the 15 have joined and became the "World Harmony Foundation" member, Zhou, Zhongmou share 10000 yuan rebate.

After half month, "Yang" to the store sent wall posters and promotional materials, Zhou put posters on the wall was seen by her husband. The Nu scold the husband is not legitimate, on the spot to the "young general" out of home shop.

In February 1, 2013, "Yang" will move the government policy center monk, two transform the place, in April 18, 2013 moved to a residential building on the third floor, and listing "Hengxian world harmonious service center".

165 people to pay about 1000000 yuan fee ""

The report center after relocation, Zhou, Zhong Mou to withdraw from the "organization", but more members choose to "follow", He Mou is one of them.

After joined in January 29, 2013, Hemou combined with the other two people together 8000 yuan over, a total of 9000 yuan bonus share. A few days later, He Mou and boundless draw another two people continue to gather together a declaration, once again allocated 6300 yuan bonus.

In June 4, 2013, "World Harmony Foundation" Hengxian declaration center is investigated. According to police statistics, from February 1, 2013 to May 7th, "Yang", as the Hu Mouyan administration's "World Harmony Foundation" the development of a total of 165 members, membership fee to pay the cost of about 1000000 yuan.

According to investigation, "Yang", Hu Mouyan is the ringleaders. According to Hu Mouyan confession, she was touring Hongkong know "Yang total", "Yang" real name Yang Mouhua, joined the "World Harmony Foundation", the "a total investment of 23000 yuan, total profit of 55000 yuan".

Hu Mouyan said, "the World Harmony Foundation" is well-known United Nations non-governmental organizations in order to promote world harmony and founded, foundation was established in 2004 July, is committed to the world harmony, peace and maintaining ecological balance construction. Specific conditions for the organization, Hu Mouyan said "no relevant documents of the organization of the people's Republic of China legal existence, the policy did not obtain a business license".

Yang Mouhua claims, members login "World Harmony Foundation" site is the cost of 12000 yuan is called the human design. At the cost of about 1000000 yuan paid by the members, 60% by Hu Mouyan directly as a bonus issue membership, 40% remitted to the bank account. The establishment of "World Harmony Foundation" by a total income of about 80000 yuan in Hengxian.

MLM Phi "new investment" coat of Mongolian people

In 2014 December, Hengxian people's court after investigation, Yang Mouhua, Hu Mouyan, a cloud in the so-called "Hengxian agricultural service center of world harmony" as a pretext, directly or indirectly, the development of the line more than 120 people, level above grade 5, charge a membership fee of 1000000 yuan, get high "kickbacks from". 3 the defendant's behavior constituted organization, leadership spread to sell the crime, sentenced to 1 years and 3 months to 5 years imprisonment, fined 10000 yuan to 30000 yuan.

According to the Hengxian people's Procuratorate prosecutors closed progenitor sets were introduced, such as public welfare organizations in the name of marketing real cases in Hengxian is the first time. Be deceived the masses become registered members through the web site to buy "policy", to the development of head way to get the rebate, commission. The internet pyramid selling scam, in fact is the use of the new "investors" money to the old "investors" interest payments and short-term returns, in the manufacture of special money illusion and diddle more investment.

With the MLM organizations will foreigners lured to local, local to focus in life, brainwashing classes the development way of members and offline mode is different, disguised pyramid this new marketing network by means of more deceptive.

"Under the guise of World Harmony Foundation" website under the banner of "committed to world harmony, peace and maintaining the ecological balance of the construction", with the help of fund in the name of the development of marketing. In the company's Web site lists various publicity slogans, from the wording to slogans are very seductive and deceptive. Many researchers think that this line is charity or e-commerce, public security organs in the investigation also repeatedly stressed that they participate in pyramid selling but not a new investment.

Understand according to the reporter, such cases are not unusual in Guangxi.

In 2014 March, the Guangxi Public Security Frontier Corps High German border police had dealt with a similar case. According to the High German border police station director Sheffi introduction, the police arrested 8 members of the organization of the MLM organizations, claiming to be the United Nations World Peace Foundation world low carbon environmental Federation, wantonly development membership to "love the public welfare" in the name of. In fact, the organization is to develop the line as a means of profit, with a clear hierarchy.

In 2014 July, Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau also seized one by the Ministry of public security handling of the large pyramid selling organization. The MLM downline personnel more than 2000 people, involving up to about 33000000 yuan, pyramid sales throughout the country under the name "China Charity Federation".

The internet pyramid selling across the region and dealt with difficulty

In addition to deceive, network marketing has two obvious characteristics: concealment and cross regional.

The case handling prosecutors found, the site development of the members are in the network, the member must through the old member's website to join MLM, username is the pseudonym or code, and have their own login password, contact each other mainly through e-mail or instant messaging tool to complete the. The web transaction to use online transactions, line playing mode, namely the site requires remittance will be by bank transfer way.

"This is to avoid the traditional pyramid scheme in line with the on-line must meet, manipulator, You Ming turned to the dark, behind the scenes, in case of offline seized by law enforcement departments, on-line can instantly decamp." Father said closed set.

Because the membership development offline situation reflects only on the Internet, plus members maintain single contact in the pyramid method, investigation and evidence collection is difficult. Industry and Commerce and the public security departments in the investigation, real and membership information is hard to verify the true identity of the company web site, only the information on the Internet is difficult to trace on the line.

Internet media has the cross regional, makes the MLM broke through the regional and national boundaries, even in one country, the personnel involved is often also blossom everywhere, chasing very expensive.

Hengxian police seized the MLM dens referrals who are basically achieve localization, but because of the limitation of territorial jurisdiction, the Hengxian Bureau of industry and Commerce and the public security bureau can only be the area of pyramid selling and pyramid marketing dens were investigated, blow to "pass the pin World Harmony Foundation" sites nationwide, the relevant departments said "cooperation remains to be the superior department of further support and cross regional". *

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