2019-08-05 14:56


Gambling King Qianjin He Chaolian attended the premarital party for 8 Bai Fumei


[Beijing Direct News Network, August 5] (Sina Pictures)8 Sina Entertainment News recently, he Chaolian, a gambling king in Macau, has appeared in Shanghai to attend a premarital singles party for her good girlfriend. Seeing Chao Lian attending the party with a domineering sexy thin shoulder dress, she changed the dress style of the good girl in the past and looked very imperial. According to Chao Lian and her friends, this time people gathered in Shanghai to attend the premarital singles Party of their good sister Melanie Au. Melanie Au is also a landlord's friendship to take your good sisters to famous restaurants and night clubs in Shanghai, from crayfish to roadside stalls to night clubs.