2019-06-18 13:50


Maya Group's three products are accused of false propaganda and rebate


[Direct Report Network Beijing June 18rd] (China's Quality Wanlihang)With the increasing number of obese people in China, the market space of weight loss products is becoming larger and larger, and numerous businesses are competing to dig gold. But at present, the medical profession has not fully understood the causes of obesity, nor has it found a drug that can completely eradicate obesity, which leaves a huge market space for many weight-loss health products.

It is understood that a weight loss product called "Qianmeidai wipe thin" has exploded the circle of friends and the Internet. This product is known as "wipe on the body can degrease, neither diet, nor exercise, can easily lose weight, reduce the effect of not rebound after", and the product is too famous and has been on CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV channels, the famous "Qianmeidai thin" attracted a large number of micro-merchants to join, then, is this product really so magical?

Qianmeidai is a slim cosmetic

According to public information, Maya (Hong Kong) International Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Maya Group) was established in 2016. It has a professional e-commerce micro-business team and is a university student start-up company. Its main brand is Qianmeidai. Its main business entity is Guangzhou Qianzimeidai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. which was established on November 22, 2016 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Today, Li Shiquan, the legal representative and executive director, is a shareholder of Ma Shuxia, Liu Qiliang, a major shareholder of Li Shiquan, and Li Xuejing, the founder of Maya International. In terms of product production, the company's partner supervisor is Guangzhou Musen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the manufacturer is Guangzhou Weina Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

According to the relevant promotional materials, Qianmeidai Yitao was launched on June 6, 2017. It belongs to Maya (Hong Kong) Biotechnology Holding Co., Ltd. and is developed by Guangdong Great Health Industry Research Institute and supervised by the Raising Forest Pharmaceutical Industry.

It is reported that a wipe of thin price 268 yuan a box, a one-time purchase of three boxes can enjoy the agency's discount price of 198 yuan a box. The product is said to be 10 to 20 kg thin for a course of treatment. It does not diet, take orally, exercise or rebound. However, when introducing the two bottles of products, the text information on the packaging did not mention any weight loss effect.

After checking the website of the State Food and Drug Administration, we found that in the filing license of Guangzhou Weina Cosmetics Co., Ltd., which produces a thin product, all the approved cosmetics are ordinary cosmetics. According to the Regulations on Hygienic Supervision of Cosmetics, cosmetics are classified into special use cosmetics and non-special use cosmetics in China. Special purpose cosmetics refer to cosmetics used for hair development, hair dyeing, perm, hair removal, beauty milk, body building, deodorization, freckle removal, sunscreen. Non-special purpose cosmetics refer to other cosmetics besides the above nine types of special purpose cosmetics.

Among the nine categories of cosmetics with special uses designated by the state, health care cosmetics include functions such as face-thinning, leg-thinning and abdomen-strengthening. However, the product to obtain this approval, need to go through strict procedures. Relevant people said that "Qianmeidai wipe thin" this weight loss plastic product should belong to the special use cosmetics, but it is in the non-special use cosmetics record.

In addition to the ineffectiveness, some netizens exploded on the microblog, and some people promoted a weight-loss product that can sweat on it. The effect was obvious, and the big "oil droplets" crashed down. However, experts have identified that this so-called "wipe thin" is only a chemical reaction, and does not have the effect of burning fat.

But at that time, there were many skinny users who experienced the video going crazy in the circle of friends and on the Internet. In the video, the user just smeared a thin wipe on his stomach, and his stomach began to sweat crazily. The effect was very obvious. For a while, this product attracted countless people to rush to buy.

It is for this reason that an experiment on a thin product was carried out in the TV program Curiosity Laboratory, which was co-sponsored by Urban Express and Hangzhou Association of Science and Technology. The program smeared the product on the real person, pork and dummy respectively. Finally, the program concluded that a wipe of thin can not only lose weight, but also endanger health.

Coincidentally, in 2018, the so-called curative effect is very good. Many micro-business agents sought after the "thin" in Hunan Satellite TV's "Help Girls in Action" column, also because of false propaganda was exposed.