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Pay 680 yuan, return 330,000... IoM MLM you recruited?


[Direct Report Network Beijing January 4th] (Global Internet of Things Watch) mentioned "MLM", most people talk about tiger color change, and with the development of the times, MLM is also covered with the "technology" coat, with some seemingly The novel pattern is confusing. The concept of "Internet of Things" is also inevitable, and it has been used by some "hearted" organizations to become the nephew of MLM.
01 case beginning and end
On May 7, 2018, Yingtan Yujiang County Market and Quality Supervision Administration confiscated the illegal income and fines totaling 769,999,200 yuan, about 77 million yuan. The company that was confiscated illegal income and fine was Tianjin Lianjiaxing Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: "Lianjiaxing Internet of Things").
The "Administrative Punishment Hearing Notice" stated that "Lianjiaxing Internet of Things" company used the "China Internet of Things Sharing Economy Platform" to invest 680 yuan to purchase necklaces as a scorpion, and through the reward system, to attract members to re-develop other personnel to join, directly or Indirect development of the number of members as a basis for compensation and rebate.
The Yujiang County Municipal Supervision Bureau believes that the “China Internet of Things Sharing Economic Platform” operated by Lianjiaxing Internet of Things has violated the relevant provisions of the MLM Regulations and constitutes an organization to plan pyramid schemes.
02 trace the roots
The “China Internet of Things Economic Sharing Platform” is not a new product. In 2016, the “China Internet of Things LCF Project” has become active. It also claims to be a national key promotion project. Joining the organization is contributing to the promotion of digital currency by the state.
LCF is also a way to promote the platform of the WeChat group. With word of mouth, the number of downline developments reached tens of thousands at the beginning of 2017.
It is understood that the LCF project claims that its production is related to the Internet of Things, while the Internet of Things appears directly in the form of digital currency. In order to solve the problem of cross-border payment in the global transaction process, the People's Bank of China decided to issue digital currency in the near future and replace the world hegemony of the US dollar. Based on digital currency, it is a new thing, and everyone needs to be recognized and promoted in the early stage of use. Finally, the people of the world will use it, so the central bank has formulated a set of rules of the game, which is the reward system. This set of rules is that early entrants are more profitable, more promoters profit more, and the equity of the Internet of Things is distributed to participate. User holds.
According to industry insiders, “the central bank issues digital currency on the one hand to save cash and on the one hand, and on the other hand because of the collapse of private digital currency. In addition to this objective reason, the natural advantages of the central bank’s issuance of digital currency are easy. It is the main reason why the central bank decides to issue digital currency, which is widely accepted by the society, is conducive to improving the liquidity of the economic system, reducing transaction costs, and is not prone to currency crisis. This means that the LCF project is about digital currency. The propaganda is not true and accurate, and there are certain misunderstandings.
Not only that, but the LCF project also promoted the Rothschild CLF, using the reputation of a well-known family to raise funds and promise high returns.
Soon, the Rothschild family issued a statement on the official website. The announcement clearly stated that the Rothschild family LCF project was an informal fundraising event and stated that it had no connection with the fundraising activity.
It has been confirmed that the China Internet of Things Sharing Economic Platform and the LCF project are all led by Liu Fujiang. Although the Chinese Internet of Things sharing economic platform made a comeback with a new model a year later, it was quickly changed to justice.
It is worth noting that in addition to the two MLM projects mentioned above, Weihua, CDC, and the Internet are all under the banner of the IoT sharing platform for MLM.
03 anti-fraud fundamental
After several years of brewing and development, the concept of the Internet of Things has been quickly recognized on a global scale. When it comes to this, perhaps some deceived people do not really understand what the Internet of Things or IoT platform is. The people who are guilty of ghosts also seized the lack of knowledge about new technologies and other savvy.
Everything in the world, from watches and door locks to cars, buildings, and cities, can be "automatically speak" by embedding a miniature sensor chip to make it intelligent. With the help of wireless network technology, people can "talk" to objects, and objects and objects can also "communicate". This is the Internet of Things.
The Internet of Things is a big ecology, which mainly includes four levels: the perception layer, the transport layer, the platform service layer, and the application service layer. Among them, the Internet of Things cloud platform is a key hub in the IoT network architecture and industrial chain, and the ability and resources of all parties are organically gathered.
The IoT platform is a modular software technology that provides solutions for IoT device connectivity, device management, data management, application development, and advanced analytics.
Simply put, the IoT platform provides the comprehensive services needed to connect physical targets to the network.
The Internet of Things platform is based on three cloud computing service models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and gradually improved its functional system, namely ICP (Infrastructure Cloud Service Platform), CMP (Connection Management), DMP (Device Management Platform), and AEP (Application Enablement). Energy platform), BAP (business analysis platform), etc.
As the core hub of IoT, the IoT platform market has grown rapidly in the past three years, and this multi-functional technology software platform is becoming more and more important in many industries. By the end of 2018, the market value of the IoT platform is expected to be approximately $4.5 billion, and is expected to grow to approximately $22.3 billion by 2023, covering 11 industry sectors, including agriculture, construction, automotive, energy, health, manufacturing, and public services. , retail, supply chain, transportation, etc.
04 screening method
Today, more and more MLM projects are cloaked with emerging concepts such as the Internet of Things, digital currency, quantum computing or AI, but they can be debunked with some tricks.
1. Capital Operation At present, the new MLM model is used to capital operation as a banner, using the vanity of the deceiver to enlarge the material and let friends and family join.
2. High-reward new scams often use higher returns than common sense. For example, they promise a rate of return of 10% or more per month, which is much higher than the regular channel rate of return we know. If there is a 10% return, the rate of wealth growth, and ultimately there will be unimaginable high returns.
3. Assault and replenishment Because it is impossible to achieve the promised return on investment, the return on investment for old customers can only be achieved by joining new customers or other financing arrangements. Most of this approach attracts more and more investors through temptation, persuasion, affection, and connections.
In summary, after understanding the meaning and screening methods of the Internet of Things, we can better identify the pyramid schemes that use the concept of the Internet of Things to hype "less investment and high returns."