2018-11-13 13:40


The "cloud express" shell company has launched a pyramid scheme under the banner of starting a business to become rich.


[Direct Report Network Beijing November 13th] (Legal Daily)"The network platform is a platform supported by the state, but also a platform for entrepreneurship, will be listed in the future, listed our shareholders can dividend," seemingly gorgeous words, the essence behind is to whitewash a pyramid marketing network platform fabricated lies. Recently, the Yueqing Court of Zhejiang opened a public hearing to hear the case of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. Zhang Mou, Cao Mou and Zhou Mou were sentenced.

The pyramid marketing group does not use physical marketing, but uses a hidden and non-public means - network platform pyramid marketing, participants pay a certain fee to obtain membership, and then pull people off the line, so that all the processes are completed on the website established by pyramid marketing groups.

In 2014, Song Mou (another case) and Lai Mou (another case) established the "Yun Xuntong" organization, and set up the "Yun Xuntong" general membership website and shareholder membership website, using the extreme difference system, dual-track system and other ways to develop offline mass pyramid sales activities.

The network platform pyramid selling mode: the company shares entrepreneurship and becomes rich after listing as bait, without specific physical transactions, requiring participants to pay 100 yuan registration fee, and then pay 700 yuan (up to 770 yuan) to buy 500 Bills to register as an ordinary member, ordinary members can form different levels through the development of members to issue. The level of exhibition members and the number of offline members are used to calculate the returns. They are awarded dynamic awards such as direct push award, layer bump award and point bump award. Ordinary members and shareholder members make profits by converting the e-coin obtained by dynamic reward into the invoice for their development of offline invoice.

In January 2015, Zhang introduced online cloud platform and registered as a member. Zhang Mou actively developed offline in Yueqing area by organizing Weixin group to forward Yunxintong's pyramid marketing information and face-to-face promotion, and successively developed Cao Mou and others. Zhang Mou directly or indirectly develops more than 144 participants in pyramid sales, with a level of 29; Cao Mou directly or indirectly develops more than 92 participants in pyramid sales, with a level of 26. In May 2015, Zhou Mou joined the "Yunxuntong" network platform by introducing Cao Mou and others on the upper line, directly or indirectly developing more than 43 people involved in pyramid sales, with a level of 24.

The court held that Zhang, Cao and Zhou, relying on the "Yunxuntong" network platform, listed on the platform in the name of divisible original shares, required participants to qualify for membership by paying membership fees, and to form a hierarchy in a certain order, directly or indirectly based on the number of development personnel, to induce participants to continue to develop other participants'participation. In addition, defrauding property and disrupting economic and social order have all constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. The court has legally sentenced Zhang, Cao and Zhou to the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. They are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from one year, six months to three years, suspended sentences and fines ranging from 20,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.