2017-12-06 16:03


The General Administration of industry and Commerce and other Tencent go into the campus to carry out anti pyramid activities


[news] December 5th reporting network in Beijing (China Business News) in December 4th by the Ministry of Economic Crime Investigation Bureau, SAIC antitrust and unfair competition law enforcement bureau, the ideological and political work of the Ministry of education, sponsored by our Tencent Inc to undertake, the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and the Tianjin University in association with the "campus anti MLM, we peer" propaganda activities held in Tianjin University. More than a thousand students from the Tianjin University participated in the activities.
In August this year, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources and social security to the "Recruitment" "work" in the name of the MLM activities jointly carry out special rectification, on marketing problems, the masses are strongly social attention key areas and parts, resolutely punish the marketing activities of the organizers and leaders the backbone, and threats, lure students and minors to participate in marketing activities of key personnel. Industrial and Commercial Department of the public security organs, major cases cracked, destroyed MLM dens, save a group of students deceived into MLM organizations.
In order to strengthen college students on MLM recognition ability and awareness, an important part of the economic crime investigation bureau of Ministry of public security, SAIC antitrust and unfair competition law enforcement bureau, the Ministry of education of ideological education for college students will be our publicity as the regulation, and in conjunction with the Tencent Inc, the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, Tianjin University held the promotional activities carried out lead other promotional activities. The campaign, the expert of Economic Crime Investigation Bureau, Ministry of public security, SAIC antitrust and unfair competition law enforcement bureau, the Guilin in Guangxi City Public Security Bureau, Tencent Inc, China University of Political Science and Law and other units, respectively, to introduce students to identify the marketing activities and finds that the industrial and commercial departments for administrative and criminal law and the public security organs, the fight against pyramid schemes the situation. At the same time, according to the characteristics of college students vulnerable to part-time, candidates, such as investment banking gimmick confusion, according to the "1040 project" of "charity" and "virtual currency" and other typical MLM cases introduction, expose the aggregated MLM network marketing and crime, characteristics and the status quo, suggests the risk involved in MLM, explain the method of MLM organizations after the turnaround from. Have a more clear understanding of the students to participate in promotional activities, illegal MLM fraudulent nature and harm, have said to be vigilant to prevent MLM inducement, lie confused, and away from the pyramid, refused to MLM, to safeguard their personal and property safety.
The Ministry of economic crime investigation bureau responsible comrades said, will continue to work with industry and commerce, education, human agency and other relevant departments and Tencent Inc and other social institutions, continue to maintain the trend of marketing crackdown to curb publicity and warning for the public, to further promote the social network space surface and strike prevention work, efforts to eradicate the existence basis of MLM, never allow the MLM activities against the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, disrupt economic and social order.