2017-09-07 17:22


Yulin prosecutors arrested "kindness sinks" MLM suspects


[straight network Beijing September 7th hearing] (Justice Network) to help the public in alternate name, with high income as bait, "benevolence sinks" dressed in "charity" coat, the Internet as a pyramid selling platform, pull the head, illegal profiteering. In September 4th, the Guangxi cotton area in Yulin City People's Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of organizing and leading MLM, according to an approved the arrest of suspects.
In 2016 11 and December, the suspect Zhang Mou, through the development of people to join MLM, "benevolence sinks" organization, become a good exchange members. After tasting a little bit of sweetness, it mainly through the "benevolence sinks" related network platform, actively develop offline members. Its high income as bait, lured participants to spend money to buy "good seeds", activate network accounts, get eligible to join, continue to develop other people to participate in, defrauding a large number of people's property. After understanding, Moumou to relatives as the direct object of development, personal development offline more than 30.
As before the incident, Zhang Moumou created accounts development of lower level network 12, 5029 member account, the account has completed 27 donation, totaled 296000 yuan, 18 recipients, totaled 447400 yuan, a huge threat to people's property safety.
Contractors of the case reminded the public, in the increasingly developed network today, the masses should raise awareness of property security, especially to prevent falling into MLM traps in the network. No matter how changing marketing organization also has "technique of camouflage, as long as pay an entry fee", "pull the head", "organization team paid" color, we must be vigilant, don't be blinded by Gregory, that lose everything.