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Women into MLM, as the virus development offline, house arrest, boyfriend"


90 women into MLM as a "virus""
[news] direct reporting network Beijing on July 6th (Law weekly) "Li Bin (a pseudonym) escape jumping crash, you run away, don't come back......" the afternoon of July 4, 2016, is preparing to go to the bank to withdraw money the young girl Zhao Mengmeng (a pseudonym), received the "parents" Dingmou phone.
Zhao Mengmeng heard, Li Bin turned away the bank card. After hiding in the Internet for a few days, she left Hengyang and fled to Jiangxi until police arrested in May 12th this year.
Recently, Hengyang Zhengxiang District People's Procuratorate approved, the suspect Zhao Mengmeng, on suspicion of illegal detention, arrest.
"The girl was only 21 years old and she was in high school in Sichuan before the incident. Be cheated by the netizen after coming to Hengyang, she reluctantly joined the MLM organization, to the development of the assembly line, and modeled on, in love for the victims of Hengyang Li Binlai under the guise of cheating." Procuratorate staff told reporters that if convicted, Zhao Mengmeng may face more than 10 years in prison.
From students to MLM bosses"
In prison, Zhao Mengmeng often in tears, regret a previous mistake. Over the course of the year, she had a dream.
"At the beginning of May 2016, I met a man named Chen by QQ. Chen told me to come to Hengyang to play, and I came to Sichuan by train from Hengyang." Zhao Mengmeng confessed, when she read high school, in the face of the college entrance examination, the pressure is great, there are weary of study. After she became hooked on Internet dating, she quickly fell into love with chen".
However, after meeting Chen, immediately ripped off "Prince Charming" mask, into a pyramid MLM devil". He introduced Zhao Mengmeng into a company named "Tianjin Tianshi company, asked Zhao Mengmeng to spend 3900 yuan to buy a set of cosmetics, join their mlm.
No personal freedom, mobile phone communication is restricted, JiaBuZhu Chen and many people took turns bombing, intimidation and bribery, Zhao Mengmeng to 3900 yuan of money to buy the cosmetics, parents, a D boss.
Take love as a cover and develop offline
After spending money on products, Zhao Mengmeng was arranged to live in another MLM dens in Hengyang.
"When I become a boss, I have to keep bringing in new people.". The new person buys a product, I can get 550 yuan deduct a percentage from a sum of money." Zhao Mengmeng says.
So, Zhao Mengmeng added a lot of heterosexual young QQ friends, in the name of love, would like to deceive them to Hengyang, development offline.
In 2016 June, Zhao Mengmeng met Li Bin through QQ.
"I was on QQ with Li Bin in the form of male and female friends." Zhao Mengmeng said, Li Bin is also Sichuan people, 4 years older than her. She lied to Li Bin that she had made a pastry at a cake shop in Hengyang.
Facing Zhao Mengmeng's love offensive, Li Bin was overjoyed. After a long time on the Internet, Li Bin offered to come to Hengyang to see Zhao Mengmeng. In June 25, 2016, Zhao Mengmeng received Li Bin at HengYang Railway Station. After that, she took Li Bin directly to the MLM dens where she lived.
Under house arrest, "boyfriend" caused him to jump off the building
See "girlfriend" of the room, there are more than 10 men and women live together, Li Bin will understand, he was online "girlfriend" cheat into a MLM dens.
"When I took Li Bin to the room, the man in the room took him under control. Don't let him go out, eat, sleep in the room, forcing him to buy products." Zhao Mengmeng says.
After more than a week of house arrest, forced brainwashing, in the afternoon of July 4, 2016, Li Bin was forced to agree to spend 3900 yuan to buy the product.
"Li Bin said he was willing to buy the product, but he wanted to leave." Zhao Mengmeng said that at that time she was in the room with "parents", Ding, Wu, and 3 other men. "Li Bin gave me the bank card, and told me the password, let me go to the bank to withdraw money.". We also agreed to Li Bin's request.
Not long after Zhao Mengmeng left, he received a call from ding. That Li Bin killed after jumping, she did not use Li Bin's bank card to withdraw money, Li Bin's bank card discarded in the trash can.
In the Internet cafe near the railway station in Hengyang, hiding for a few days, in July 6, 2016, Zhao Mengmeng fled to Jiangxi.
Arrested for unlawful detention
Li Bin's parents were heartbroken at the news of Li Bin's death.
"My son came to Hengyang, in June 25th, I took the initiative to hit him on the phone, but the sound for a long time no answer, and then shut down.". On the second day, my wife beat me again for a long time. My son took it home and said he would go home for a few days in Hengyang. At noon on July 3rd, my son took the initiative to call me and said he bought a train ticket back to Sichuan." Li Bin's father recalls.
However, what Li Bin's father did not expect was that Li Bin did not leave Hengyang. In July 4th, he received a call from the doctor, "son, no way."......"
"I usually talk to my son on the phone. He answers the phone right away, and even if he doesn't get it in time, he'll call back soon.". But when my son was in Hengyang, I called him. There was always no answer, and then he switched off." Li Bin's strange behavior had long raised his father's suspicion. "The son may be taken over."."
"I spoke to him once," he said. "In the study papers, I called him back, and the phone was hung up."." Remember son, Li Bin's father The old man wept bitterly.
"My son worked in an electronics factory in Dongguan. My son told me he was going to meet his girlfriend online in Hengyang. I told him he must be a liar. But the son said, the girl is Sichuan fellow, will leave for a few days to play with him, two people get along, and will go back to Sichuan home." Li Bin's mother recalled that she had seen two pictures of girls on her son's cell phone. "My son's death has nothing to do with the girl."."
In May 12, 2017, Zhao Mengmeng was Hengyang City Public Security Bureau Zhengxiang branch arrested, now detained in Hengyang city women's detention center. Recently, Hengyang Zhengxiang District People's Procuratorate approved, the suspect Zhao Mengmeng on suspicion of illegal detention, arrest.
Counsel reminded:
Don't go out to meet your friends alone
Hunan Rui, executive director of the state law office lawyer Liu Ming told reporters, according to China's "criminal law" provisions of article 238th of the crime of illegal detention, illegal detention of a person or by other means of illegal deprivation of liberty, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights. Whoever commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph and causes serious injury to a person shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years; if he causes death, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years.
"If convicted, according to the circumstances of the case, the suspect Zhao may be sentenced to maximum imprisonment of more than ten years."." Liu Ming says.
Liu Ming reminded, when users chat with strangers do not easily leak of personal information, not alone in the field to meet with friends, if you find the wrong place in contact with friends in the process, should be timely warning to the public security organs, ask for help.