2018-11-30 15:42


Vikco coin principal was arrested in Thailand! After the crash, it was wanted all over the world.


[Direct Report Network Beijing, November 30] (Red Star News) According to relevant media reports on November 24, the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme One Coin chief criminal Sebastian Greenwood has been successfully arrested and Extradition returned to the United States. It is reported that the successful arrest has benefited from the cooperation between the two countries.
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provided relevant inside information to the Thai Crime Collection Bureau, enabling it to successfully implement and complete the arrests for Sebastian Greenwood.
Before the collapse of the One Coin Ponzi scheme, Sebastian Greenwood suddenly disappeared in 2016, after which the company stopped paying investors according to the original return on investment.
Just in May of this year, domestic regulators discovered that about $7.2 million was related to the One Coin scam, which was deposited in a bank account and the account holder was Sebastian Green. Wood.
Although Sebastian Greenwood, the criminal who was arrested, was deserved of sin, some people suspected that he was not the mastermind of One Coin.
We found through verification that Sebastian Greenwood is probably the second-in-command of OneCoin's founder, Luja Ignatova.
Speaking of the founder Luja Ignatova, but the famous role. As early as 2015, there was a related media out of the ins and outs of Luja Ignatova and her Vikco.
According to One Coin's own internal data, this "excellent female doctor" who is also the founder, owner and COO of Vikco is one of the latter with rich business experience and outstanding business acumen.
The information on the Vika official website also indicates that she received her degree from Oxford University and Konstanz University, and is also the former CEO of Bulgarian private investment company CSIF.
After the founders of Vicat coins were wanted all over the world last year, we have also arrested many major players in China. The following are related news:
"In the first half of this year, the Zhuzhou County Procuratorate of Hunan Province filed a public prosecution against the suspects of the third batch of the third batch of the "3·15" Vikco extra large network pyramid scheme supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. It is reported that the case lasted for two years. The Zhuzhou County Procuratorate reviewed and prosecuted 106 people, filed 98 public prosecutions, and recovered nearly 1.7 billion yuan in the amount involved. This is the case in which the number of people involved in the investigation has been the highest and the largest amount of economic losses has been recovered since the establishment of the institute.
The server is located in Copenhagen, Denmark
In July 2016, the review and prosecution of the “Weika Capital” organization MLM activities supervised by the Ministry of Public Security was handed over to the Zhuzhou County Procuratorate. It is understood that the case is a new type of network marketing case involving huge capital outflows involving more than 20 provinces (municipalities), Hong Kong special administrative regions and overseas countries. The case is complicated and there are many people involved in the case, involving a total amount of more than 15 billion yuan.
Through the cooperation with the public security organs, a joint force was formed. The public security organs found out that the "Vicat Coin" network marketing organization and marketing model involved in the case were established by the general leader of the German nationality Lu. As of May this year, the MLM organization has developed 7 offline lines, 27 fund pool accounts, more than 140 members at the membership level, and more than 2 million registered member accounts in China. The amount involved is more than RMB 15 billion.
On December 5 of the same year, the Zhuzhou Intermediate People's Court made a second-instance judgment on the case. Duan and Li were sentenced to four years in prison for organizing and leading pyramid schemes. The remaining 33 defendants were all sentenced to four years in prison or applied. During the suspension period, the fine was between 10,000 yuan and 5 million yuan, and the amount of funds involved was 1.368 billion yuan.