2019-03-12 16:40


Pyramid Sales Chief Executive as a mason develops 31 offline workers who have not earned money and slipped away.


[Beijing, March 12] (Anhui) In 2014, Wang Moulin, a man from Lanxian County, Shanxi Province, was introduced into a distribution organization by mistake and cheated 69800 yuan. Later, Wang Moulin developed 31 offline employees by deceiving relatives and friends, and became the "chief manager" of pyramid marketing. Recently, the Feidong County Court sentenced the defendant Wang Moulin to first instance and sentenced him to two years'imprisonment with a fine of RMB 50,000.
The trial found out that since October 2014, Ma Mou-mou (another case) and others, in the name of "1040 Project" and "chain operation", have deceived relatives and friends to engage in illegal pyramid selling activities. In August 2014, the defendant, Wang Moulin, was introduced by others to purchase 21 shares for 69800 yuan and joined the marketing organization of Ma Mou. More than 30 people, such as Wang Mou, Li Mou and Bai Mou, actively participated in the organization and conducted pyramid selling activities in Feidong County Economic Development Zone and other places. Since April 2016, the defendant, Wang Moulin, has been the "chief manager" of the organization and has participated in its marketing organization. The staff managed it and collected 18 people's so-called "investment funds", involving 51,4600 yuan.
On September 14, 2018, Wang Moulin, a masonry worker in Taiyuan, was arrested by the public security organs. Wang Moulin confessed that he had not earned any money since he became the "chief executive" and felt that the organization was deceiving, so he stole from Hefei.
The court held that the defendant Wang Moulin organized more than 30 people to participate in pyramid selling activities and at a level of three or more. As the organizer and leader of pyramid selling activities, his behavior constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. The defendant Wang Moulin, who plays a major role in the joint crime, is the principal offender and shall be punished according to all the crimes he participates in or organizes or directs. When the defendant Wang Moulin confesses his crime truthfully after returning to the case, he voluntarily confesses his crime in court and may be given a lighter punishment.
In summary, the defendant Wang Moulin was sentenced to two years'imprisonment and a fine of RMB 50,000 for organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. The defendant Wang Moulin and others'illegal income of 514,600 yuan will continue to be recovered and handed over to the state treasury.