2018-12-21 16:48


"Brilliant Beauty" pyramid selling has deceived many middle-aged women


[Direct Report Network BeijingDecember 21st] (Shenzhen Evening News)December 10, in a rental house in Futian District, Futian police will engage in "Brilliant Beth" pyramid sales suspect Zeng Mou captured. This is the 37th suspect arrested by the police since the pyramid selling case was solved last year.

Deceiving Victims to Invest by "Investing in Mining"

In March 2017, people reported to the police that they had been cheated by a man named "Dadong" for attending the "Brilliant Beth" event in Hong Kong. Subsequently, the police received similar reports.

After investigation, most of the victims of "Brilliant Beauty" were introduced by relatives and friends, and went to an event site of "Brilliant Beauty" in Hong Kong on the grounds of business investigation, and finally fell into pyramid selling organizations. During their stay in Hong Kong, victims are required to attend uninterrupted "seminars" and pay tens of thousands of yuan to become "distributors" of Brilliant Beauty.

After receiving the report, the Futian Public Security Bureau's Economic Investigation Brigade joined forces with many departments to arrest "Dadong" and bring down the "Liangbisi" marketing group in Shenzhen. However, the case did not end. In September this year, Fukuda police got clues and found that there were four or five pyramid selling members who had been punished before, and there were signs of re-launching illegal activities. They dress themselves in fashionable "block chain" clothes and continue pyramid marketing activities.

It is reported that since this year, "Liangbisi" pyramid sales personnel through the establishment of a virtual platform, in the form of "investment mining", using gimmicks such as "only pay money can have the corresponding mining qualifications", "only pay money can have mining tools", "fill money can enhance their level", and so on, to entice victims to invest. Dressed in the cloak of "block chain", it lures the masses with high bonuses, and the essence of pyramid marketing has not changed.

Fraud on the grounds of "giving care"

According to Futian Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Brigade case handling police, in the process of pyramid marketing, pyramid sales personnel often use false packaging such as wearing gold and silver, driving luxury cars to live in luxury houses, entering and leaving high-end hotels to lure victims, and constantly develop offline. "Many victims borrow money from relatives and friends and invest hundreds of thousands of yuan at one time. In order to remedy the grottoes, these people often start with their relatives and friends around them, lure them to become their own offline, constantly radiate and expand the victim groups, the nature is very bad. Police said.

Reporters learned that the "Brilliant Beauty" pyramid marketing routine, the first step is to give the victims "care". Most of the fraudulent targets of pyramid retailers are people who have suffered setbacks in their emotions, careers and families, or who are unwilling to live up to the status quo and want to get rich quickly. They take the victim to experience luxury cars, luxury houses, luxury parties, while taking the initiative to "send care" in order to gain the trust of each other. When the time is ripe, pyramid retailers will take the victims to Hong Kong to participate in the publicity. Many people have been recruited, and most of the victims are middle-aged women.

Fukuda police reminded: no matter how the pyramid marketing organization changes, its essence is always inseparable from the labels of "pay" and "development offline". Once you find yourself or your relatives and friends in pyramid selling, you should call the police in time.