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Zhejiang 1040 sunshine project pyramid schemes involving about 30000000


CNDSN June 13 news (China News), Beijing, Hangzhou, June 11 (reporter Zhao Xiaoyan) in October last year, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched a joint more than 2000 police in one fell swoop destroyed 80 MLM dens, 10, involved in the case Cai Zhengyi 53 pass pin key members of the staff in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City People's court to stand trial in public.

The prosecution alleged that since 2009, Cai Zhengyi, et al, and other places in Wuhan Province, Hubei Province, and other places to join the voluntary chain management MLM organization. The marketing organization to 1040 sunshine project "," voluntary chain operations, such as the name, participants are required to buy 1 to 21 share (the 3800 yuan, 2 yuan per 3300 yuan), to obtain the qualification for joining, each member can directly off the assembly line.

In accordance with the provisions of the organization, develop three direct downline members, from under the umbrella (offline) personnel to continue down the development of the assembly line and in the number of staff development and share of the purchase as a promotion level and payment according to lure participants to continue to participate in the development of others MLM organizations, from diddle property.

The marketing organization to take "five Sanjin system" (five level, three promotion stage) model for management. Five levels, namely the internship clerk for the E level, business leader for the D grade, business director for the C grade, business manager for B grade, senior clerk (boss) for a class.

The organization of the pyramid scheme according to the level and the development of the umbrella to buy the share of the number of people to calculate the remuneration, including direct commission, indirect Commission, etc..

In December 2013. Cai Zhengyi, Wang Xiaohua, soup preaching, etc to visit Yuhang District, decided to its under the umbrella of Wuhan City, Hubei Province personnel overall move to Hangzhou City Yuhang District.

After Wang Xiaohua, soup Chuan et al's leadership, command, their downline Zeng Wenhui, Lv Suining et al in accordance with their respective level, the original in Yuhang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, the marketing staff of the collective relocation to Hangzhou city and continue to wantonly to carry out marketing activities.

In April 2014, for ease of management, Cai Zhengyi according to the distribution of the personnel organization, the organization personnel were divided into two groups: AB, by the defendant Wang Xiaohua soup and pass as a leader, each group consists of 9 office.

As of October 23, 2014 incident, the pyramid scheme organization to participate in the pyramid scheme of personnel accumulated more than 600 people, MLM amount of RMB 30000000 yuan over.

Prosecutors believe that Cai Zhengyi, Wang Xiaohua, soup, gang others organization, leadership, marketing activities, cheat property of citizens, disrupt social and economic order, which Cai Zhengyi, Wang Xiaohua, 17 people if the circumstances are serious shall be held criminally responsible for organizing and leading the crime pyramid schemes.

During the course of the trial, Cai Zhengyi and other defendants to the amount of their own money, the number of development and other proposed defense.

The case has been even the trial of two, as of twenty-one fifty at 11, the trial is still in the process of. (end) *

(original title: Zhejiang "1040 sunshine project" MLM case even trial two days involved about 30000000)

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