2015-06-16 15:49


Examples of business with the case to teach college students identify MLM trap


CNDSN June 16 hearing] (AFP) close to graduation, and duration of the public business boom coming, the day before yesterday, Qingshan District Trade and Industry Bureau staff into Wuhan University of science and technology, with examples to students about to enter the community "hit precautionary needle": don't let every job to start a business opportunity, but to cool choice, avoid all MLM trap.

Industrial and commercial personnel introduction, network marketing is one of the main forms of current marketing, in the name of investment banking, online games, capital operation, advocating the rich network myth; shopping site as the basis, sales of clothing, cosmetics, medical equipment and other to buy real to become a member, and make the development of the line of the reward system.

Castle Peak District Trade and Industry Bureau of Fair Trade Bureau Peng Yong said that regardless of the pyramid how evolution, deviate from the Pope: as long as you have to pay one of the three characteristics of "entry fee", layers of the development off the assembly line, to develop the line of "performance" payment rebate etc., on suspicion of MLM, it is best to avoid. 3

(original title: the business case with an example to teach university students identification MLM trap)

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