2015-06-11 15:06


French woman by cheese MLM cheat Chile poor 14500000 euros


A Paris court was informed that a glib French woman encouraged South America thousands of poor investment in "magic cheese", cheat from the huge amounts of money, [straight news network June 11 news (News) foreign media said.

British "times" website reported in June 9th, Bate Vanelspe Gil, aged 74, said Mrs. Gil, Mrs.. Prosecutors said she persuaded some of Chile is a small village of about 5500 people to join a get rich quick scheme, they will make the fermentation of milk, is said to be used in the production of cosmetics in France.

Van El Per was arrested 7 years ago, the investigation revealed one of the biggest fraud in Latin America history.

Allegedly, the scam started in 2005 she launched a propaganda campaign in Chile to persuade the poor villagers to join her program.

These people bought a single set of 365 euros of equipment, and its cost only 1/10 of the price. The villagers get the powder flask, and a filter bag called Yo Flex. After adding milk into the powder, it forms small pieces of cheese, which are ripe after 9 days.. Van El Per's company Fermex to buy back the finished magic cheese, is said to be sold to Revlon and other companies and other companies to produce cream and shampoo.

She committed to doubling the amount of investment in four months. According to the usual pyramid schemes, she uses after joining the money to buy more than 700 customers of the first batch of products. However, there are 5000 people never return, in 2006 when the scam was exposed, they lost 14500000 euros.

Van El Per persuaded many clients to invest their profits back to the company, causing some families to even mortgage their homes.. A Chilean television crew found 5500 tons of rancid cheese in a local warehouse.

Allegedly, Van El Per before the implementation of similar scams, the last century in the end of the 90's fraud in Peru about twenty thousand people. In the last century 80's, she had similar cheese MLM activities in Belgium served a sentence.

This case trial in Paris, because Van El Per is a French citizen, cannot be extradited. She has no court appearance with the body.. Her two Chilean associates were arrested in 2006. She may be due to organized crime misappropriation of property of others face up to ten years in prison. 3

(original title: French woman on the "cheese pyramid schemes" to cheat the poor of Chile 14500000 euros)

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