2015-06-05 16:40


Taiwan media: tens of thousands of Taiwanese people to engage in pyramid schemes in Nanning


CNDSN June 5 news] (Beijing) Taiwan flew to Nanning aircraft almost class fully booked, high attendance rate of 98%, Taiwan media reports, 70% of them are doing MLM Taiwan passengers.

Taiwan's "United Daily News" on the 4th says, "from 30 million through the development to six layer will become in the future can be retrieved 30 million", so stirred up the investment title, indeed the temptation many Taiwanese. A few years ago, the MLM industry propaganda words mostly: "because of Guangxi is, leading to the ASEAN's window, the construction of large infrastructure money, on the establishment of many funds, but these funds can not say that external only privately raised" and "because it is the support of the central government, absolutely fail". In fact, these funds are all false, on the pull off the assembly line to maintain. Nanning Taiwan Association, former president of the Zhou Shijin revealed membership of 30 million new Taiwan dollars, only to find three people do offline, they can do on-line; do to six layers of promotion "Mister", out of the money. But after a few years of the fund, the Taiwanese are not easily fooled. Therefore, now the pyramid selling operators to sell to see, touch the real estate, located in the city from Nanning 1.5 hours away from Fangchenggang.

"United Daily News" said the local marketing the main way is with Taiwanese to buy, borrow five days and four nights free travel to take them to the scene of the real estate, the early Taiwan to sell the house buying games, the host to play the "sell", the "sold" safflower paste, out of stock that a, deception a lot of people fooled. Nanning Rui Yin, general manager of the enterprise Lai in say, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli is "disastrous", Taoyuan Guanyin Township is president of the association of a lion, through the free travel to the township people dragged into the Nanning. Nanning, President of the Taiwan Businessmen Association Lu Minghan said now Taiwan society lion, clubs, the Jaycees and Tongji agency, are involved, professors, doctors and engineers throughout etc. occupation, "the high level, horrifying". Zhou Shijin bluntly, I think, in Nanning to play MLM Taiwanese no less ten thousand people ".

But money really so good to earn it? Do catering, Stephen said, now Zhongshan Road in Nanning sell Taiwan fastfood a street vendor stalls after stalls, many of them are Taiwanese MLM lock-in, and not go back, because they pull to the head is basically the closest of friends and relatives, "this does not earn, no face back, each a belly full of bitter tears." Disclose, Nanning, President of the Taiwan Businessmen Association Lu Minghan, a large number of people in Taiwan to Guangxi Nanning engaged in illegal pyramid selling, 20 people have been arrested, have people even have been held for more than two years, another group of people last September is closed so far, "don't come and do MLM! This is a road of no return." The joint newspaper also quoted the Nanning local lawyer as saying that some Taiwanese in Guangxi and all property, car, room confiscated all over the mainland, never entry to the mainland.

Two resident Nanning mainland reporters told the "Global Times", they are first heard of Taiwanese in Guangxi mass into a pyramid of news. It is generally accepted that Guangxi MLM organizations are mainly concentrated in the North Sea, Nanning not the hardest hit. Mentioned in the "United Daily News" the Fangchenggang is a city is located along the coast of Guangxi, near the nuclear power plant, in recent years prices have been in about two or three thousand yuan wandering, never heard of the phenomenon of soaring. Global Times reporter 4, also trying to contact law enforcement branch, Nanning City, but the phone has been no answer. 3

(original title: Taiwan media: tens of thousands of Taiwanese in Nanning engage in MLM)