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MLM hit online education idea: the job is to find partners


CNDSN June 4 News] June 2nd (techweb Zhou Xiaobai). After the SOHO 3Q after listening to Lei Jun, Pinglun and Panshige passion surging business speech, Muzi's heart has little ripples. In go to Guomao subway station on the way, braved the summer before some sun, over and over again she fancied sky entrepreneurial projects can hit himself, her from the bitter forced the rescue.

"Girl, did you hear about online education?" " Enthusiastic call interrupted Muzi's beautiful imagination.

Online education? The first half of the stock rose nearly 20 times, several times the limit, all pass education has a market value of over 30000000000 yuan? Relying on a small series of science and technology "professional quality", Muzi trying to think of online education of all: ride the "Internet +" Dongfeng, ape exam, working together with the network, and who learn etc. online education platform financing information constantly refresh the industry eye, bat even have also joined, investment and acquisition war continue to unfold, and online and offline contend for teachers, grab students scene seems to be more lively. Finally, a word - "fire" ah.

Muzi looked up once yelled to his sister who -- high-heeled shoes, white shirt, black suit, ball head, typical of professional range of children. When she was smiling at her, a pair of glowing eyes seems to see everything, "we are an online education venture company, now Jizhao partner shares, there is interest in joining them?"

Did the pie really fall in the sky? Stable mood, Muzi asked, what company? What specific projects? "

"Oh, online education don't you know? It's been a very hot fire, and the state is very much promoted.."

"Amount...... I mean, what do you do? "

"The online education. We have been on TV, you can see our company.." Say come up with a mobile phone to Muzi see one eye.

Muzi only to see the Beijing TV station, but also did not find what the company, the phone was taken back to. "...... Well, what's the specific job of the partner? "

"Like me, looking for other partners."."

"...... So what can your partner do? There is no request? "

"Yes, anyone can do it if you want it."."

"...... What is the specific treatment? "

"More than one thousand a day, no matter what you do, certainly more than you earn now."

There is no threshold, the monthly salary of 30000 +, the only work is to find a partner, Muzi more think more wrong, an enterprise which need so many partners, "you will not engage in pyramid schemes?"

"Don't say such dreadful things."

"Is this what this means?"

The elder sister nodded silently, and Muzi squeezed out a smile that you know.

"Take a breath," Muzi continued, "where is your company? What is the specific call? " And the voice is not falling, you are my little apple......" Interrupt.

Sister looked at the caller ID, is very pleased to look, oh oh, now to the company is it? I'll be right now......." Say the head also don't go back to the ground, looking at her quickly submerged in the crowd, Muzi thought, should be a fish bait.

Saw a mobile phone has 1 points, the company back, Muzi silently drilled into the subway.


Afterwards, Muzi still on this matter brooding, then call the good future, Miyoshi, ape exam online education platform responsible person, asked whether they understand the relevant situation.

Future relevant responsible person said, "never heard of, but now do not fly much went to, know online education fire ah, this means circle of people cheat money Bai."

Miyoshi network marketing department responsible person also said, "never heard of, but trade marketing, people selling the concept of online education to engage in pyramid schemes is not impossible."

In fact, as early as 2013, Sina blog broke LEO global online education institutions suspected of pyramid schemes. A user said, "the company devoted to the so-called tutor cheat with pyramid in the older age groups, and called to participate in various meetings, to pay expensive tickets. Company did not fixed office place, let the elderly members to buy the so-called unlisted upcoming IPO, and golden triangle to recommend to friends and family, and to define the company's virtual currency. "

Baidu input LEO global online education institution, the relevant search results are almost concentrated in 2013, do not involve other years.

And to say that firms use marketing selling the concept of misappropriating deceptive, nowadays equally unpopular with the Internet + P2P finance industry may be more obvious. From 2013 so far, every foot of the P2P companies are on a hundred, just past May, for example, China's new on-line P2P platform 186, of which 56 are issues platform.

In the P2P platform used marketing strategy, a lot of marketing with the nature of the. For example, modes of common "to the old with new, old users through Sina Weibo, Kaixin, QQ, SMS, links, etc., recommend friends to register and to bind the bank card authentication, you can get different amount of money reward; set marketing metrics to employees, usually conditions are need to pull the relatives and friends to join to complete. These circumstances in the Lu Jin, you and I have the loan and other platforms exist.

"College students have been marketing", "police and end off how many MLM dens" news often burst out, for the pyramid, a lot of people have become inured to the unusual, but if happen to yourself, or will carefully move about. It is the nature of man that the profit - seeking profit is not so much the capital nature as human nature. But Gregory lead, remember two words: risk. The sky will not fall, even if the fall, will certainly hit you? 3

(the original title: MLM online education to play the idea: more than a day to find a partner in one thousand)

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