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Stock market fire, VEKA currency pyramid schemes more fire


CNDSN June 9 news (reporter Shen Jie) is now China's stock market has soared, investors called "bull market", at present China's stock market attracted people from all walks of life involved, they have a common dream that is "rich". However, the wealth shock rapid thickening of the way it is speculation, this mentality tend to cater to the virtual currency engage in pyramid selling in the psychological. 2013 a virtual currency bitcoin popular on the Internet, its economic growth value soared all the way, from the initial $0.01 per currency rose to a $$1100, in the perspective of China's economic review and the world economic and trade center of the wall street, bitcoin indeed in the financial market set off a monstrous waves. Following the value of bitcoins, infinite expansion, and a lot of virtual currency began active in the world's financial site transactions, Vicat coins OneCoin is following the bitcoin, a virtual currency, known as able to transcend the bitcoin became a concern of the star. However, VEKA said that as the coin magic? Reporters for this investigation.

Survey: VEKA currency is what?

In recent years, an endless stream of a variety of virtual currency, known as the including currency Wright, MasterCard currency, dog coins, star coins, reboxetine currency such as dozens of. Among them, bitcoin has quietly become fashionable for a time in the past, VEKA money has gradually emerged in Chinese view. What is the VEKA coin? VEKA currency English name is the second generation of encrypted currency after bitcoin Onecoin. It also combines the innovative and profitability and security and the concept of the overall concept of bitcoin based on the.

The essence of VEKA currency is a special solution generated by a complicated algorithm.. The special solution is a set of infinite solutions for the equations. Every special solution can solve the equation and is unique.. To the metaphor of the yuan, VEKA currency is the serial number of the RMB, you know the serial number of a note, you have this note. To tap the Vicat coins can download special Vicat currency calculation tool, then register the various partner sites, the registered user name and password to fill in the computer program, and then click operation officially began. Vicat currency mining software installation complete later, can be directly obtained a Vicat coin address, when others pay, only need to own address attached to others you will be able to pass the same client to make the payment.

VEKA currency belonging to the European investment banking organization, with offices in Hongkong, China, Kowloon.

Secret: VEKA currency profit model actually similar pyramid schemes

According to the relevant investment VEKA coin introduced, VEKA currency generally adopts three kinds of profit model: a profitable sector: basic guarantee (VEKA financial products account for tokens, coins) Download VEKA bitcoin mining software, converting mines out of VEKA coin (this is very simple, just hang up the computer to operate, ordinary members have like) bitcoin as financial products, such as VEKA to sell the currency profit, the basic investment guarantee; section two: static income (profit split double) wait for token split double, get two times or four times the number of tokens, members can extract more VEKA coins, tokens can also be placed on the trading platform to sell profit; profit plate three: MLM mode (bonus Commission) members to help the company marketing the onecoin business opportunity, the company in accordance with the incentive mechanism to give members the huge bonuses.

Reporters found that after bitcoin bitcoin became the second generation of encrypted currency, but also inherited the common currency of bitcoin in China, the common of pyramid schemes in China. That's VEKA currency gains = + + earnings + promotion. The so-called cash income, there is no need to do anything, Vicat coins can be held, revenue according to the number of coins to determine; and promotion of revenue, in short is the user development off the assembly line, according to the offline purchase amount of upstream user can obtain corresponding Vicat coins as a reward. As before Vicat currency access to institutional membership is must have recommended, the bonus system have leadership award, award, declarations award. But because of this pattern of alleged pyramid schemes, VEKA currency soon adjusted, there are more than three profit models. But careful people will find that the three profit model with bitcoin, dark currency there are access. Especially earnings three, MIM mode in the Chinese translation of the pyramid is the meaning of pyramid schemes. At the same time, three kinds of profit model using the multiplication principle, reap the benefits of more similar to China's direct sales rebate network, as a way of investment and finance, with the gradual opening of the foreign exchange market in China in recent years, a lot of "virtual currency" put on the cloak of financial pyramid schemes, the method is strange, very hard to detect. At the same time Chinese people generally believe that foreign money in a different way than the Chinese advanced, a curious and worship psychological drives them to invest in them, but only when the drain only to find, found when it was too late.

Reporter: virtual currency investment need to be cautious

As a new type of virtual currency in China in September 2014, VEKA currency has been using a low-key promotion approach to finance, but once grow, it is likely that the outcome is the same as bitcoin. Reporters reminded that as a foreign investment banking organization VEKA currency will not be completely destroyed, after all, China's law can not cross national boundaries

as the basic characteristics of the CYPYO coin is must for the encryption authentication, this in the cottage currency issuance process must do this certification, no certification is not the basic trading platform Guadan. To this end, the risk of investment VEKA currency than any one of the financial institutions are high, investors do not be high earnings blinded! 3

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