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Kangmei Smart Pharmacy: Reconstructing traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment process


The picture shows that the pharmacist of Kangmei Smart Pharmacy is deploying Chinese medicine. Our reporter Zhang Jianjun photo
[Direct Report Network Beijing March 12] (China Economic Net) On February 18th, the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Development Plan" was released, which proposed to support the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park, Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Nansha The construction of major innovation carriers such as Qingsheng Technology Innovation Industry Base, Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Cooperation and Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park.
In fact, as early as last June when the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Cooperative Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park was launched, Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s “Smart+” big health industry platform was first laid out. As a pathfinder of the "Smart +" central pharmacy, Kangmei Smart Pharmacy accelerated its lead in the country.
One-stop service for patients
On February 25th, the reporter saw in the smart medical service area on the second floor of the outpatient clinic of the West District Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Hospital. From time to time, someone came to the counter to submit the prescription, chose the service content that he needed, left the address and left. The whole process is not More than 5 minutes.
"We will complete all the work of taking medicine, decocting, and distributing in the smart pharmacy system. The patients no longer have to spend time waiting in the hospital." Zhang Zhanrong, a staff member of the Smart Medical Service, told the reporter that the patient gave the prescription prescribed by the doctor. We, the rest, can be done to the wisdom pharmacy.
"In the past, I often had to go home from the hospital to take two large bags of Chinese herbal medicine. And it was time-consuming and laborious at home, and the taste of the medicine was particularly heavy." The reporter encountered Ms. Mo, who came to pay the prescription, she told reporters that she had used Kangmei. Wisdom pharmacy for several years, I feel "convenient."
Zhang Zairong told reporters that Kangmei Smart Pharmacy uses the "Internet +" technology to connect medical treatment and medicines in tandem, and build a one-stop pharmacy service platform for Chinese medicine on behalf of decoction, drug delivery, and pharmacy consultation. "Now, we have done to let the patients go empty-handed into the hospital and empty-handed out of the hospital."
Why can a smart pharmacy quickly take root in many large Chinese hospitals?
"In the traditional Chinese medicine medical service model, patients often face the 'three difficulties' problem of 'difficult to wait for medicine' and 'difficulty of decocting'. 'To help the patient, we have jointly launched Kangmei with Kangmei Pharmaceutical. Smart pharmacy." The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine said.
“The hospital space is small, the pharmacy area is limited, and the decocting really takes a long time. The experience of patients or their families will not be too good. The rise of 'Internet+' provides a 'key' to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of medical resources. Yu Yingying, deputy general manager of Kangmei Smart Pharmacy, said that the most important significance of Kangmei Smart Pharmacy is to realize the reconstruction of traditional medical treatment process and the innovation of medical drug mode.
Statistics show that as of the third quarter of 2018, Kangmei Smart Pharmacy has handled a total of 7.1 million prescriptions and 2.5 million patients. According to the calculation of the Guangdong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, the average patient waiting time, decoction time, and time to and from the hospital can save an average of 4.5 hours per patient per time.
The decocting is still professional
“Many people think that decocting medicine is to pour the medicinal materials into the pot. It is a misunderstanding to add boiled water. It is a misunderstanding. The decocting is actually a technical work of the door, which is higher than the professional requirements of the chef.” Guangdong Province Lin Hua, director of the Pharmacy Department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital, told the reporter that there is a need to pay attention to how much water needs to be added to different medicinal materials. As for the immersion method and the medicinal preparation, the order of the medicines needs more professional operation. Smart pharmacy is the use of standardized scientific design algorithms to complete this series of work.
Li Jianhua, vice president of Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told reporters that smart pharmacies strictly regulate every aspect of decocting. For example, each barrel is marked with a barcode, and the automatic watering system will determine the amount of water added based on the scan result. The error can be controlled to about 0.1 gram.
"Fried Chinese medicine is still professional. With the new service method of smart pharmacy, the efficacy of the soup is more secure. This is not only conducive to improving patient satisfaction, improving hospital services and medical treatment, but also facilitating advancement in the long run. The healthy development of Chinese medicine is a good thing to do in one fell swoop," Lin Hua said.
Wisdom pharmacy is fully rolled out
“Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have a large population and the potential of the Chinese medicine service market is huge. Kangmei Smart Pharmacy should strive to contribute to the development of ‘Health Bay Area.” Ma Xingtian, Chairman of Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said.
“Smart pharmacy construction has become the first development strategy of Kangmei Pharmaceutical. Before the Spring Festival, the company has just completed the adjustment of its operational structure and set up the Smart Pharmacy Business Department. This is an important measure for us to slim down and focus on the main business.” Ma Xingtian In order to actively promote the "Smart +" big health platform, the company will invest 7.7 billion yuan to build 15 city central pharmacies, 48 ​​central pharmacies, 5 satellite pharmacies nationwide, and strive to achieve nationwide within 3 to 5 years. cover.
According to the data, Kangmei Pharmaceutical's pioneering smart pharmacy model first landed in Guangzhou in 2005 and was quickly rolled out. At present, the model has covered Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, and the service scope has also expanded from the Chinese medicine hospital to the general hospital.
“Last year, Kangmei Smart Pharmacy was awarded the title of 'Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Service (Smart Pharmacy) Standardization Research Base', which means that the 'Smart Pharmacy' pioneered by Kangmei Pharmaceutical became the first Chinese medicine wisdom pharmacy standard research project. Pushing the wisdom pharmacy industry standard to the national standard, the first draft has been submitted." Li Jianhua said.