2019-08-05 14:38


Expert: The Solution to the Problem of Health Products to Eliminate the Name of "Health Care"


[Beijing Direct News Network, August 5] (Global Network)With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health, and a variety of health care methods come into people's lives. Unlike young people who prefer to exercise, many older people prefer to take health food to realize their desire to get rid of illness and strengthen their health.

However, the reporter's survey found that the health food industry is in chaos, exaggerating the efficacy, false propaganda, illegal marketing, illegal addition and other issues emerge endlessly, resulting in many elderly people not only suffered property losses, but also suffered physical damage, and even delayed the condition. It has become an unavoidable problem how to effectively supervise health food and better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, especially the elderly.

Legal Status of Health Food

When it comes to health food, some people sneer at it and others are reluctant to let it go. Although people's attitudes and positions towards health food are polarized, many people may not really understand the meaning of health food.

According to the interpretation of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China compiled by the Legal and Industrial Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, health food refers to food that claims to have health function or aims at supplementing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, that is, it is suitable for specific people to eat, has the function of regulating the body, and does not treat diseases. Food for purposes that do not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to the human body.

"The essence of health food is food. Unlike the so-called"health food", health food is a legal concept regulated by food safety laws. The so-called "health care products" include not only health food, but also some health care equipment, such as massage apparatus. Qiu Baochang, president of the Rule of Law Research Association of Electronic Commerce of Beijing Law Society and member of the Expert Committee of China Consumer Association, told reporters.

Zhang Fenglou, president of China Health Association and President of China Health Supervision Association, has also publicly stated that the concepts of health products and health food should be strictly distinguished. There is no uniform legal definition of health products, while health food has strict legal definition.

Reporters learned that compared with ordinary food, health food is allowed to claim some health functions. At present, there are 27 kinds of health functions claimed by health food allowed by the regulatory authorities to register according to law. The health functions claimed by health food registered according to law are to supplement vitamins and minerals. Among them, 27 kinds of health functions are allowed to be claimed: enhancing immunity; assisting hypolipidemia; assisting hypoglycemia; antioxidant; assisting memory improvement; alleviating visual fatigue; promoting lead excretion; clearing throat; assisting blood pressure reduction; improving sleep; promoting lactation; alleviating physical fatigue; improving hypoxia tolerance; assisting protection against radiation hazards. Function; Lose weight; Improve growth and development; Increase bone mineral density; Improve nutritional anemia; Assist the protection of chemical liver injury; Remove acne; Remove chloasma; Improve skin moisture; Improve skin oil; Regulate intestinal flora; Promote digestion; Defecate; Assist the protection of gastric mucosal injury.

Healthcare function with different opinions

As for the attitude of health food, the reporter found that it varies from person to person.

Mr. Li works in a public institution. Both his parents are over seventy years old. He has no preference for health food. He says he never advocates that his parents should contact such things because he thinks it is not good to eat them.

Ms. Zhao has just entered the age of fate. Because of the serious loss of calcium in her body, she began to consciously take health food in the hope of increasing bone mineral density.

Wen Wen has always disliked her dark complexion. She heard that vitamin C has whitening effect. She usually supplements some vitamin C tablets and often eats some fruits rich in vitamin C. In recent year, she feels her complexion has changed a little and has become white, but she doesn't know exactly what is playing a role. Wen Wen's sleep has not been good all the time. She has bought melatonin tablets labeled "Sleep Improvement" in pharmacies. "I think it has a certain sleep-aid effect, after eating, sleep better." Wen Wen told reporters.