2019-08-05 14:35


A Brief Talk on the Blind Points of Public Opinion Monitoring in Direct Sales Enterprises under the New Situation and the Ways to Deal with them


[Beijing Direct News Network, August 5] (Public Opinion Information Network)With the advent of the Internet era, both traditional enterprises and direct selling enterprises are facing both opportunities and challenges. The key to the success of an enterprise is brand trust and responsibility, and the crisis of corporate network public opinion directly points to the brand trust and responsibility of the enterprise. If the public opinion of enterprises is properly dealt with, it can be "bright in the dark"; when dealing with the failure, it is self-evident that they have suffered a blow.

It is understood that in recent years, the main causes of hot public opinion incidents in direct selling enterprises are as follows: first, the contradiction between enterprises'pursuit of benefits and consumers' interests and safety; second, the contradiction between enterprise product publicity and introduction and asymmetric information communication between distributors or teams; and third, the illegal and irregular situation gradually exposed by enterprises. It does not match the high expectation of public opinion for the quality of "law-abiding and honesty" of enterprises. Therefore, in the face of the new regulatory situation, direct selling enterprises need to pay more attention to the construction of public opinion from inside and outside.

The Blind Spot of Public Opinion Monitoring

1. Self-media lacks sufficient recognition and attention.

New media can gather information and opinions rapidly and massively through flat communication system, and construct a large-scale word-of-mouth communication system based on personal communication terminal. At present, when enterprises carry out public opinion risk management, they do not know enough about the communication environment of "media for all", and they are very tolerant in the environment where the pressure of public opinion supervision continues to increase. It is easy to be the object of questioning these "self-media".

In addition, the appeals and suggestions expressed in the public online media are more covert. It is this unique protective function brought about by anonymity that enables the public to express their unfavorable opinions about enterprises and expose their unhealthy behaviors through the network without any scruples. It greatly stimulates and mobilizes the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the broad masses to participate in the supervision of corporate public opinion, especially negative public opinion letters. The exposure of information makes it possible for enterprises to face the risk of public opinion.

2. The emphasis of public opinion disposal is information control.

In the process of public opinion disposal, if the method is not appropriate, enterprises may magnify the events and form a real crisis. The most typical mistake is to focus on information control. Indeed, information dissemination is an important way for the development of public opinion, but many enterprises'public opinion is often caused by triggering events, which are mostly the direct feelings and personal perceptions of the audience about the lack of awareness of enterprises or the lack of information communication.

3. All Internet public opinion is negative.

After the "Quanjian Incident", the direct selling industry has become the target of public criticism for a time. The malicious touching of porcelain has made the foreign affairs and after-sales of enterprises suffer terribly. Individual mainstream media do have the mentality of taking advantage of the fire to rob, and some malicious self-Media fabricate facts are happy to do so. Therefore, many foreign affairs of enterprises mistakenly believe that the unpleasant network public opinion is basically negative, but in fact, the network public opinion is an effective means to promote social consultation and promote the healthy development of society. Therefore, we can not simply regard the real problems reflected by the network public opinion as the crisis and risk challenging the society. Most of the network public opinion is just a window of reminder, an opportunity to mobilize members of society and work together to prevent or prevent the emergence of crises.

4. Ignoring the seriousness of the consequences.

Some enterprises use high-pressure means, distort facts, conceal information and other wrong ways to deal with network public opinion, even at the expense of setting up bureaus to suppress journalists and self-Media people. In addition, some direct selling enterprises try to pass the responsibility on to individual distributors, which has nothing to do with enterprises. In fact, last year, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued a document which stipulated that in April 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued its Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision and Administration of Direct Sales (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), in which the focus of the norms was directed to the distributors of direct enterprises: "We should make full use of various regulatory means to supervise and urge the districts under our jurisdiction." Distributors of direct selling enterprises shall not engage in direct selling activities, exaggerate and false propaganda of products, engage in commercial propaganda and marketing activities in the name of direct selling enterprises, or organize or participate in pyramid selling. "Opinions" also emphasizes that distributors have problems, and direct selling enterprises also have joint and several liability, together with penalties.