2019-03-12 16:46


Hefei rectifies the health care market and the whole city's direct enterprises are interviewed centrally


[Beijing, March 12, Direct Newspaper Network] (Zhongan Online) Since this year, Hefei Municipal Market Regulatory Bureau has taken the lead in organizing a special campaign to rectify the disorder in the "health" market throughout the city. Up to now, the city's market supervision system has dispatched more than 7260 law enforcement officers, 34 cases filed, the value of 490,000 yuan. Seventeen cases have been closed and a fine of 545,000 yuan has been imposed. 742 cases of consumer complaints were received and handled, and 117,300 yuan of economic losses were recovered for consumers.
On January 3, 2019, Hefei Market Regulatory Bureau interviewed the head of Hefei Branch of Quanjian Company. On February 1, the Bureau conducted a centralized interview with the city's direct selling enterprises, requiring them to fulfill their responsibilities as the first responsible person, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and not exaggerate the effectiveness of health products sales through conferences, lectures, telephones and other media.
The Economic Inspection and Law Enforcement Bureau of Hefei Market Supervision and Administration has carried out precise inspection on the urban "health" market. The Xingxian Health Care Museum in Hefei High-tech Zone is suspected of operating without a license. The magnetic therapy products sold can not provide relevant qualifications. According to the regulations, it has been handed over to the local market supervision department for processing. During the inspection of Guanghua Hospital in Hefei, it was found that it was suspected of publishing false advertisements. The case has been filed for investigation. At the same time, all the "Quanjian" business places in the provincial capital have been inspected and closed down. In mid-January, the Law Enforcement Bureau focused on investigating the concentrated building market of health products firms such as Merchants Building, Run'an Building and Zhongxing Building in Luyang District of Hefei City, and concentrated on investigating and dealing with illegal activities.
Hefei Municipal Market Supervision and Administration has investigated and dealt with the case of illegal and false advertisements issued by Anhui Unnamed Tianhe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The enterprise illegally publicized health care projects and fined 335700 yuan in this case. On January 10, 2019, the bureau investigated and dealt with the suspected publication of health products advertisements with functions of "anti-aging, disease prevention, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases" on the website of Hefei Shopping Island Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. according to the case sources provided by the bureau's network monitoring center. The acts of the parties concerned are suspected of violating the provisions of Article 18, paragraph 1, of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China, and the case has been filed for investigation. (Reporter Su Yi)