2018-12-21 16:19


Ye Chu Liang


[Direct Report Network BeijingDecember 21st] (kangli)Ye Zuliang, Senior Director of Kangmei Times, said: "The meeting with Kangmei is impartial, and the timing is right. There is no need for brutality in doing business. It depends on a keen mind to discover business opportunities and the ability to act without falling out of the chain! uuuuuuuuu

As the earliest pioneer to join Kangmei, Ye Zuliang has already been in the position of senior director of the Standing Committee of the National Market Development Committee in Kangmei era, and he jumped into the cause of direct marketing 24 years ago, that is, the year when direct marketing just appeared in China.

Twenty-four years are fleeting, and Ye Zuliang has become the eldest brother in the industry from a direct sales newcomer. He drifted for a long time, and finally settled down in Kangmei.

A keen mind to discover business opportunities

In 2013, after getting the news that Kangmei Pharmaceutical was ready to enter the direct selling industry, Ye Zuliang did not hesitate to leave immediately and went to Puning, Guangdong, for further investigation alone. Although it is an investigation, but he has already secretly made up his mind, if the news is true, he must join this company with great potential and strong strength.

Ye Zuliang is such a person with strong action ability. As long as he makes up his mind to join us immediately and decisively, he will become the elder of the development of Kangmei's direct selling business, and his foresight is also one of the magic weapons to achieve such success today.

Apart from Kangmei's strong strength and profound corporate culture, Mr. Zhu Qinghua, the general manager of Kangmei era, is the most dependent and trusted of Ye Zuliang. He has said more than once that Zhu has made great achievements in the development and transformation of Kangmei's direct selling business.

"Since the existence of direct marketing, its communication mode and meeting mode have not changed, but in the development of society, direct marketing has entered a bottleneck period in accordance with the conventional way, and it is difficult to break through. At this time, whether it is the mode of direct marketing, the development of enterprises or the development of teams, we need to make some innovations that do not violate the law of direct marketing. Ye Zuliang said, "The reason why Kangmei can be called"black horse"in the industry is closely related to Zhu's vision, innovation and acuity. A series of measures taken by Kangmei, including health management center, explosive products strategy, younger strategy and new direct selling strategy, all have the"vanguard"of the times, which I very much agree with."

At the beginning of November 2018, Kangmei Innovation launched the "Seven Days of Happiness in Shops" model. Ye Zuliang highly recognized this new store model and greatly appreciated it: "Direct sales need to make certain innovations without violating its laws." Seven Days of Happiness in Shops is like this. Through leisure time online/offline training, we can experience the magic of sleeping animals and develop a healthy lifestyle. "

In order to help the team partners better carry out the "Seven Days of Store" model and lead you to the front of the market, Ye Zuliang went to the stores of the team partners many times to guide you, conduct closer communication and exchange, and strive to help the team put this model into practice.

The strength of the team is infinite. Quickly, they have explored many experiences and methods, and benefited a lot during the "Seven Days of Happy Shop" period.

Never lose the chain of action

On November 19, 2018, the first Kangmei Sleeping Animal Fission Camp set off again in Shenyang, triggering a new round of strong outbreak! Ye Zuliang regretted missing the fission camp because of other meetings.

But soon, when the 2nd Sleep Veterinary Cloud Fission Camp opened on November 28, 2018, Ye Zuliang not only appeared on the scene, but also stood on the platform to share the theme with you.

To find out why he attaches so much importance to the Sleep Veterinary Cloud Merchant Fission Camp, Ye Zuliang answered, "The way of the Fission Camp is very good. It teaches people how to use the Internet correctly, reasonably and perfectly through some practical operations in the venue. Although the number of people in the venue is limited, the flow of people is infinite. Through this kind of real learning, we have been very good promotion and growth.

Although Ye Zuliang has already achieved great success in Kangmei, he still insists on running in the front line of the market, thinking of his team and family everywhere, and doing his best to help them grow. It is precisely because of his super-strong action force that he and many partners in his team embarked on the road of rapid career.In addition, Ye Zuliang also sent a large number of talents to Kangmei. When he found a good enterprise, a company that can be TOEFL for life, he was willing to share it with the people around him, with them to complete their dreams and help others to complete their dreams, which is also Ye Zuliang's wish.