2019-08-05 15:05


Cen Ying: the bottom logic of community marketing


The underlying logic of community marketing

[Beijing Direct News Network, August 5] (Yingxun Media)Behind the development of any economic tuyere, it can not exist in isolation. It is more like an intuitive reflection of the whole economic system. Enterprises look for users in the industrial age, fans in the information age, and communities in the mobile Internet social age. People need to find their own circles and values, and it is easier to communicate with people who have the same needs, so the community comes into being. In my opinion, the community is a spontaneous organization composed of a group of people who share common interests, goals, abide by common systems, pursue common interests, and have common action force.

Whether it is "production-driven", "product-driven", or sales-oriented, brand-oriented, marketing-oriented, channel-oriented, or user-oriented, no matter which stage, it is a good business model that needs integrated platform as the center and added personal value creation. After the change of marketing theory and concept, enterprises have evolved from value-seeking to value-creating organizations, and principles have evolved from agency to empowerment mechanism. If traditional marketing methods are used again, enterprises will inevitably encounter various problems, which is the reason for blowout development of community marketing needs.

At present, China's consumption has shown a trend of small-scale and stratified. Community is not only a circle culture, but also a leader culture. It can mature the relationship between people, but the establishment of trust requires the output of time cost and value cost. The role of the community is not marketing madly, brushing the screen with windfall profits; it is not to bring direct cash, but to connect, empower and create together. The first key node of community marketing is IP and community value proposition. The high potential of super IP will produce high brand premium. The second is to locate precise users, the third is the top-level design culture consensus, build community, turn my business into everybody's business.

In the era of Face Value, product design is enough to attract eyeballs, at the same time, it must have the characteristics of Internet communication. In the era of worthiness, advertising can not evoke inner resonance, let alone purchase, dissemination and repurchase. Therefore, the production of enterprise content should embody humanization, entertainment, participation and a little temperature.

Social e-commerce, namely social + e-commerce. The ideal social e-commerce is that buyers and sellers, sellers and sellers, buyers and buyers can communicate freely in time, in scene, before and after the transaction, and can socialize in APP or small programs. But social reality is a barrier to social interaction, because users still need to buy products first. The attribution of social e-commerce is circle-based e-commerce, that is to say, forming a circle-based fixed group, which is divided into various groups according to region, crowd and hobby. In fact, social e-commerce has precipitated the concept of community e-commerce.

Community e-commerce, i.e. community + e-commerce, in a sense, is a set of user management system and fission system. Through user community, enterprises can fully activate the precipitation of customers, and each independent user can be transformed into a community through social tools such as Wechat, so as to fully mobilize the activity and communication of community members. Community e-commerce can be said to be an upgrade of the traditional e-commerce customer system and an activation process of precipitating users'community. Finally, social e-commerce focuses on traffic and pays attention to attracting by classified rebate model. Community e-commerce focuses on reserve, focusing on content to attract. This is the essence of both.