2019-06-18 13:23


Point praise to inspire Pan Xiaofei to send home letters to the Shuangdi family in May


Dear Shuangdi family:

Hello everyone!

[Direct Report Network Beijing June 18rd] (Shuangdi)In May, the blue sky is the image of workers, and the earth is the footprint of devotees. The spirit of workers is like the seed of spring and autumn harvest, which blossoms magnificent flowers under the soak of sweat, brilliant and fragrant. Let's dedicate the flowers and applause to the respectable workers, to the silent cultivation of the Shundi family, for our own praise!

Praise you for your hard work

Shuangdi was busy in May.

The production workshop is busy, the partners on the production line work overtime to continuously optimize their work and improve their efficiency; the business school training is intensive and orderly to carry out all kinds of high-quality products and transfer the working methods under the new situation; the product and R&D departments seize the hot spots of the market and launch a series of new products, which are highly praised by the market; the customer service center is online 24 hours to answer family questions; and the operation Department collides with each other. The spark of thought provides the marketing tools with frequent highlights for the market; the logistics and transportation departments compete for time and race for products to reach their families at the fastest possible time; the logistics support departments work silently in the rear with humanized services, only for the warmth of more families; the partners in the front line of the market are running all over the country, regardless of wind, rain and hot summer.

It is precisely because of the hard work of every Shuangdi person that all of this has been achieved. So you are the best. Praise you!

Praise for you who know how to be grateful

May is a month full of love and gratitude. During the Mother's Day activities held by the company, family members actively participated in sharing the unforgettable moments with their mothers and the words they wanted to say to their mothers hidden in their hearts. Under the profound influence of filial piety and culture, the love and gratitude of Shuangdi's family is not limited to their families, but extended to business partners, companies and more people in need.

With love in mind, gratitude and contentment, career and luck will not be bad, praise for you!

Don't forget to start again

Compliments are meant to motivate people to move forward, not to indulge in the past. Every figure, every drop of sweat, every line of footprints will become the neon that we water the future rain and illuminate the way forward...

The end of the 100-day campaign is only the beginning of the rectification, standardization and supervision of the direct selling industry. The past practice of wiping sideballs with luck is gone forever. Deep changes in the market environment require us to firmly "return to the essence of direct marketing, do a good job in product services, abide by the law and operate in accordance with the rules."

Every family must recognize the situation, change their concepts, resolutely put an end to irregularities in all business activities, such as investment promotion, product promotion, after-sales service, and firmly use high-grade enterprises, high-quality products, high-grade personality to create a standardized, harmonious and integrated marketing order.

Keeping this initiative and more down-to-earth work will make the foundation of our career more solid and our track more straight. Hope for the future is unlimited, we will create a better future!