2019-01-07 15:41


Perfect China: What you want is coming to you


[Direct Report Network Beijing January 7th] (Perfect China)
What you want, is coming to you
good news
Good health
Good shape
Good marriage
But the premise is that you must work hard.
Never believe in a fairy tale that won't work,
Heavenly reward is the eternal creed of the winner.
With a child weighing 10 kilograms, you don't feel tired because you like it; with a 10 kilogram stone, you can't hold on for a long time - from the bottom of my heart, I like to have huge energy.
I am eager to "think things", first of all to figure out what I really want in my heart, and then to describe the shape of the dream in a stroke, in order to make the power to realize the dream gradually stronger, no matter how weak the body can also set off a day.


I have a big goal in my heart, I dare to pick the heavy burden; there is no big goal in my heart, a straw is bent over.
——Hu Ruilian
Lose 12
Six years ago, going out to eat and shopping were basically cash. Three years ago, going out to eat and shopping was basically a card swipe; now, going out to eat, shopping and payment are all swept away. What does this mean? The probability of going out to the money is almost zero. If you don't work, no one can save you. You have no choice but to work hard!
It sounds like a piece, chewing it carefully, but it makes no sense. Effort is the only way to survive, but our goal is of course not only to survive, we are seeking life, and it is a better life.
Our pursuit of perfection is that today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today.
——Xu Guowei
When you are strong, you will be stronger than you; when you get better, you will be better. Those who work hard must be self-disciplined, self-loving, self-respecting people. "Taking people by appearance" is not superficial. How hard a person can work, even if he does not ask the past, can be seen from his face, body, and manners.
Don't underestimate every small step, how tall the building can be built, and how many masonry you have to look at; don't look down on every drop of sweat, they eventually merge into a magnificent river. Nothing to sleep early, have more time and effort, if you can still work hard, don't give up.


The reason why we can make a dream come true is because we have not only dreamed of it, but also tried hard to fight for it.
Lose 12
I hope your journey is long and wonderful.
I hope that the people you embrace will be safe and healthy.
I hope that all your efforts,
Not happy, not young.
Today, bad luck is cleared, and good luck is full.
What you want is coming to you.