2018-11-30 15:17


NU Xtore, the first global experience center such as Xinzhixin, is on display in Shenzhen


[Direct Report Network Beijing November 30th] (China Fashion Brand Network)With consumers increasingly focusing on personalized, emotional and social consumption experience, NU SKIN, like New China, has carried out new direct selling practice in an all-round way, innovating iterations in product services and personality experience. On November 23, the world's first experience center, such as Xinzhixin, appeared in Shenzhen. Through pioneer design, Zhixin Experience Center links the Millennium Generation with immersive wisdom experience, so that more young people can feel the youth of new brands and brand propositions.

NU Xtore Appears in Shenzhen to Create New Brand Landmark

In the era of mobile interconnection, one-way brand marketing is easy to be filtered by consumers, relying on the digitization of business, attracting consumers through immersive scenario layout, stimulating consumers to become "tap water", is a new method of brand marketing. Consumers entering NU Xtore with more comfortable environment and smarter design are like starting a journey of exploration and experience with better foresight.

NU Xtore is NU SKIN based on the existing life experience hall and life image store. With the precise excavation of the needs of the Millennium Generation, as well as NU SKIN's insight and foresight of business trends and lifestyles, NU Xtore unifies the planning of internal design and content experience, and integrates all-round digitization at visual, experience and service levels. Upgrading, combining brand history and story, high-quality products and interactive experience, realizes NU SKIN's brand advocacy transmission and core value experience to consumers from product level to spiritual level.

Based on the aesthetic ideas of the millennial generation and the consumption concept of young people's independence and experience-oriented, NU Xtore extends and diverges from the new brand Logo "Youth Fountain of You" to extract the design concept of "Fountain of You". The whole space design uses the elements of "water droplets" and adopts circular, semi-circular and arc shapes. Equal shape, like the ripples produced by water droplets, forms a scattered and orderly experience space. In terms of color, NU SKIN is inspired by the seven-color light shining when the fountain refracts sunlight. Rainbow colors are used appropriately in design, while retaining the tone of each partition.

In order to present such new brand ideas and core values perfectly, NU SKIN, such as the new joint vanguard design institute, transforms NU Xtore's technology, material and elements into the visual language of "Ru Mu Xin Quan", Wisdom creates the future, new and endless

For example, NU Xtore is located in Shenzhen Futian District Aerospace Building. The overall layout takes products as the point and experience as the line. Through the effective combination of space layout, product display and pioneer design, it creates immersive experience and interprets NU SKIN, such as new corporate culture, brand proposition and life attitude, so as to make products and brands. Temperature is associated with life scenes. NU Xtore is divided into mission wall, history wall, body test area, ageLOC area, NU SKIN area, Pharmanex area, honor list, love area, cross-border living area and other sections, which fully presents the new innovative products, excellent culture and career opportunities of NU SKIN. Consumers only need to walk around the stores for 10 to 15 minutes to get 360 degrees of understanding and experience NU SKIN's excellent products and culture.

As a leading brand of personal care products and nutritional supplements, NU SKIN, relying on leading technology, has maintained strong product innovation, helping consumers maintain their best condition and show their self-elegance. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the new entrance to the Chinese market and the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, NU Xtore appears in Shenzhen, providing comfortable and pleasant user experience through pioneer, fashionable space design and product interaction, and completing channel remodeling and brand renewal. This is the embodiment of continuous innovation and innovation of NU SKIN in the new situation.

At present, the demand of consumers for enterprises is no longer simply to meet the needs of products, but also to meet the emotional and cultural needs. How to enter the heart of the millennial generation, brand has become a moat for enterprises to grab the beach market. Whether it's the previous Millennium Festival or the current NU Xtore, NU SKIN, like New China, is creating a series of intelligent and innovative brand content, so that products, brands and consumers can have spiritual and emotional social connections, so that NU SKIN, like the new millennium generation into the material life and spiritual world, is in the pursuit of better. On my own way, I will open up a new and endless future.