2019-09-20 13:45


Infinitely Promote "Standardizing Management Quality First" Brand Vehicle Experience Activities



[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (China Jiangsu Network)Despite the recent typhoons, the weather has always been hot, and even the cars on the road are almost unbearable.

But some time ago, a delicate car drove into Changsha Kaifu Wanda Square under high temperature and sunshine, bringing more hot activity experience to the citizens. Under the background of the special science popularization campaign of "Five Entries" of health food in China, Infinite Pole (China) launched a brand car experience campaign with the theme of "standardizing the management quality first", which provides an activity experience integrating technological innovation and scene interaction.

The purpose of this brand car experience activity is not only to be close to consumers and share the fun of experience activities, but also to help consumers increase their understanding of the brand and build up a stereo impression of the brand.

In the event, Infinite Pole set up eight scenarios, such as brand car experience area, quality energy station and popular science energy station, to let the small partners on the scene feel the fun of the activity, at the same time, understand the production process of Infinite Pole (China) high-quality products and popular science knowledge of health food.

In the quality energy station, the activities through VR technology, with small partners "fly to" infinite pole (China) authentic raw material planting base, "personally" experience the authentic Chinese herbal medicine planting process;

In the Healthy Energy Station, small partners learn the health concept of infinite pole (China) "health preservation and healthy life" through happy interactive games.

In the activity of the "key play" - the normative energy station and the responsibility energy station, the small partners have deeply realized the importance of the normative operation of enterprises and social responsibility.

Standardized operation and quality production are the basis for an enterprise to have sustainability. Infinite Extreme (China) has been adhering to this value. From the source of production to the use of products, it has tried to bring high-quality services to consumers.

As the brand car experience shows, Infinite Pole (China) has built a number of Chinese herbal medicine planting bases to ensure the green safety of raw materials, and adhere to standardized management, providing consumers with a more perfect and comfortable consumption experience.

In fact, it is not only in Changsha, but also in Xinhui, Yingkou production base and national service center. It helps to promote the concept of standardized management. The experience activities of Infinite Pole (China) brand cars have been launched in Lianyungang, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan and Chengdu in succession. They are wonderful and uninterrupted.