2021-11-24 16:00


The "meta universe" hasn't come yet. The routine scam has arrived first


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Dalian Evening News)Recently, "meta universe" has become a hot topic and appears more and more frequently in people's vision. How far are we from the metacosmic world? There may not be an answer to this question in the short term, but there are signs of breeding all kinds of routines and scams under the banner of meta universe. Some knowledge payment projects package meta universe as an opportunity to get rich overnight, claiming that "there is only meta universe in the future" and taking the opportunity to make money by selling anxiety. Some people say that they must call the meta universe. Without any entity content related to it, they are keen to create gimmicks and try their best to get a "flow soup" from the concept of the meta universe.

Some people make millions selling training courses

Recently, the "big V" broke the news that some people have opened a yuan universe course training, making great progress every day. The screenshot shows that the daily income is nearly 100000 yuan and the cumulative income is more than one million yuan.

When the reporter investigated, he found that posts selling meta universe courses can be found everywhere on the Internet. Now there are even a number of meta universe course sales websites on the Internet, which are filled with both free materials and courses that need to be purchased.

The reporter also noted that on the app, the so-called "frontier course yuan Universe 6 lecture" course is on sale at a price of 29.9 yuan. It is reported that the total revenue of this online class has exceeded 1.3 million yuan in less than one month.

The reporter noted that meta cosmic books are also emerging one after another. A Book profile says that "the yuan universe is a passport to the future". The selling price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. On the e-commerce platform, there are also popular products such as meta universe accessories and meta universe blind boxes. It can be said that "everything can be meta universe". There are also some VR devices, which are now linked to the meta universe and labeled as VR meta universe devices.

Are these meta universe courses reliable? "Generally, the concept is good, but there is no practical content. It's more like writing a composition and counting words." a buyer who bought yuanuniverse books commented.

On the app, some netizens who had bought courses related to meta universe commented, "several classes are repeating the concept of meta universe, but they are more confused. The course does not explain the application of meta universe very clearly." some even fell into a question in the comment area after participating in the training, "do I live in the virtual world?"

Some netizens joked, "the early worm is eaten by the bird. As long as I react slowly, the meta universe can't cut me. Those who are cut 'leeks' are those who are acutely aware of the trend of the meta universe and want to know about it."

The reporter's continuous in-depth investigation found that there are more and more platforms for setting up meta universe training courses recently. Generally speaking, there are many similarities, including "what is the meta universe", "what is the technical logic of the meta universe", "revitalization of the meta universe countryside", "meta universe pass", "meta universe toys", etc. However, the course of "meta universe Rural Revitalization" is still very attractive to reporters. Therefore, the reporter deeply understood the course, but found that its content was mainly to invite experts to share how to better manage the rural economy through big data and how to better realize the rural information construction. This is really an act of "hanging sheep's head and selling dog meat".

"Yuancosmos still has a long way to go before it is truly commercial. Relevant training itself is a good thing, but we also need to be vigilant. Some training courses just apply the concept of yuancosmos to carry out illegal acts such as telecom fraud, illegal fund-raising and online pyramid selling in order to make money." Wang Pengbo, a senior financial analyst at Broadcom consulting, reminded consumers.

Some people "rub" the concept of mining and speculation

"I don't know much about the meta universe myself, but I also know that if I rub against the concept of the meta universe, it's like standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly." Zhang Hua (pseudonym), a virtual currency speculator, told reporters with a smile.

In fact, the reporter has been in contact with Zhang Hua for half a year. Zhang Hua, 30, is an active member of a meta universe concept wechat group and a senior virtual currency speculator. During the exchange, Zhang Hua said that the concept of meta universe "wind rises" excited him again. He said that he never participated in the relevant training of meta universe, but heard that many people participated in it. "It's not important to understand, but it's important to stand on the air outlet".