2020-11-12 16:33


Suspected MLM Yinchuan an online MLM agency closed


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (New news)Just become the company's agent, you can buy products through mobile app every day. The more people you pull, the more share you get. On November 8, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Jinfeng District, Yinchuan city that the police quickly attacked and shut down a suspected illegal internet pyramid marketing agency, and controlled a total of 8 persons in charge of the studio and attending members.

Recently, the police found in their daily work that a studio in Wanda center in Jinfeng district may be suspected of illegal network pyramid selling. The studio for Hebei fengzhichao Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Yinchuan Jinfeng District authorized store, the person in charge of Lu. Because the company is suspected of illegal network pyramid selling, the police of the economic investigation team summoned the person in charge of the company LV and the person in charge of the northwest area of Hebei fengzhichao Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Qiao to accept the investigation.

Police investigation found that Qiao downloaded the "bee nest" app of Hebei bee nest Internet Technology Co., Ltd. in February 2020, and registered an account to invest more than 1 million yuan. Qiao set up "bee's nest" authorized shop in Northwest China through the authorization of the head office, introduced Lv's investment in purchasing "mining machinery" through the way of "drawing people's head", and made LV obtain the authorized agency qualification of Jinfeng district.

It is reported that the actual operation mode of "bee nest" app is to invest in purchasing "mining machine" servers on the platform, with a price of 15800 yuan for each server, with an investment limit of 1 and no ceiling. After customers purchase the "mining machine", the company entrusts bee nest to lease the "mining machine" for profit, and pays a dividend of 10% per month according to the investment proportion. If the company develops offline and invests, the platform will give 1% reward to the introducer.

Due to the timely discovery, the company did not cause major illegal consequences. The police criticized Lu and others and dismissed him and ordered him to shut down his suspected illegal network pyramid selling agency.