2020-11-12 16:45


Why do you keep changing your face


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (Economic Information Daily)With the increasing crackdown on MLM, the survival soil of MLM is decreasing, but there are still some MLM activities that can survive in the "cracks". Recently, the reporter has investigated in Nanning, Beihai and other places in Guangxi that some MLM organizations have begun to change their faces or break up into parts, taking sporadic "classes" or "clearing away" the materials and information related to transmission inside the house and mobile phone, trying to evade the legal attack.

Cracking down on pyramid selling and transferring to "underground"

Compared with the past, some "conventional" outdoor communication places in Nanning and Beihai are no longer "prosperous". Qingxiu mountain in Nanning, Changqing Park in Beihai and other scenic spots used to be places where MLM personnel gathered for "class" on a large scale. Nowadays, it is not easy to see MLM personnel in groups and shouting slogans.

Shen Zuliang, director of the Beihai market supervision and Administration Bureau, said that in recent years, Beihai City has adopted a zero tolerance attitude towards pyramid selling and continued to intensify its crackdown. For the rental houses involved in the transmission, Beihai will seal up and cut off water and electricity. For those who go to Beihai for the second time to participate in pyramid selling activities, the public security organs will all detain them. The living space of MLM in Beihai is further squeezed, and the number of people involved in MLM has decreased significantly since this year.

The pyramid marketing activities on the ground have been effectively curbed, and some MLM personnel have begun to find ways to transfer to the underground. "Under the high pressure, the MLM staff generally dare not to act openly in the North Sea. When they go out, they disguise themselves as tourists in twos and threes, trying to hide people's eyes." Shen Zuliang said that at present, MLM personnel are not only cautious outside, but also adopt the mode of "clearing" the related materials in rental houses. The police have rarely been able to find books related to biographies in the rental houses where MLM staff live.

A few days ago, the reporter saw in an operation organized by Xianhu Economic Development Zone in Nanning city that the local police found four persons involved in the story in a rented house according to clues. However, when searching the house, no books and notes were found, only a few pages of living expenses records were found. Outside a residential building, the police investigated three persons involved in the transmission. In the face of police inquiries, the several involved in the transmission said they did not bring ID cards and mobile phones, and kept silent on other issues.

According to a source in Nanning, they usually check the MLM personnel outdoors, and they don't bring ID cards and mobile phones when they go out, trying to escape the police's attack. Almost every biographer will memorize the "standard answers" to the police's investigation and inquiry. In addition to disclosing his real name and home address, other questions will basically be cheated through such words as "I don't know", "I'm here to travel" and "I lost my mobile phone".

The "pattern" renovation of MLM is lagging behind

During the interview, the reporter learned that many places have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to combat MLM, but MLM organizations have constantly updated their models to play "edge ball". In the face of joint crackdown by relevant departments, some pyramid marketing organizations have put on "bulletproof vests", and the legal weapons in the hands of law enforcement officers can not "aim" and "shoot" for a while, and the work of cracking down on pyramid selling faces new challenges. MLM organizations continue to renovate "patterns", while the design of relevant printing and passing system lags behind, which leads to the continuous and easy repetition of MLM.

Recently, the reporter saw in front of a bookstore in Beihai city that more than 10 middle-aged and elderly people in uniform clothes were preaching "traditional culture". According to a local grassroots biographer, these people are actually those involved in biography. They gather in the name of "Guoxue lecture hall". Because this mode does not meet the requirements of pyramid selling crime, the law "can't take them.".