2020-08-18 16:24


NMN is only a health product and has not been evaluated by Chinese food safety


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (China Industrial News Network)The "elixir of life" that Qin Shihuang was looking for came out. Li Ka Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, spends 1.6 million yuan a year on it I believe that many people will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to eat such a "fairy pill" when they see such propaganda. This is not a myth, but NMN products that have set off a big wave in China's health food field and capital market this year. NMN, or β - nicotinamide mononucleotide, is claimed to be an active component that can reverse aging and prolong life span.

On July 9, the director of Xiamen jindawei Group Co., Ltd. said on the interactive platform that the NMN products sold by tmall global were indeed made by the company's US factory. The reply opened the dazzling eight trading limits of Kingway in 10 days, and 1406 bottles of products brought a market value explosion of 7.8 billion. Not only jindawei, YABEN chemical, brother technology, red sun, Fengyuan pharmaceutical and other NMN concept stocks collective trading.

Due to frequent changes, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to jindawei on July 19, asking it to explain the specific production and sales of NMN products sold by its subsidiaries, the approval or certification of such products in the United States, and the scientific verification or practice of the actual utility of the products, and fully remind investors of the risks. However, the concern letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange did not quench investors' enthusiasm for the concept of NMN. Instead, jindawei increased the trading limit again and did not open the channel of decline until July 24.

So, what is the effect of the "fairy medicine" behind "demon stocks", and why does the Shenzhen Stock Exchange require explanations for its scientific verification?

NMN is a food, not a drug

NAD + also known as coenzyme I, the full name of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, exists in every cell and participates in thousands of cell reactions. NAD + is an important coenzyme for energy metabolism in many aerobic organisms, including human beings. NAD + promotes the metabolism of sugar, fat and amino acids, and participates in many important cellular processes as a signal molecule.

"NMN itself has no anti-aging effect, but it is the most direct precursor compound of NAD +. A number of animal experiments in the United States, Japan and other countries have confirmed that NAD + can delay aging and prevent many neuron degeneration diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, and thus regulate and improve various symptoms of aging He Qiyang, vice chairman of the nutrition medicine professional committee of China Medical Education Association and an anti-aging expert, said that with the increase of age, the content of NAD + in the human body will gradually decrease, and the supplement of NMN can effectively increase and restore the NAD + level in the body.

He Qiyang introduced that due to the relatively large size of NAD + molecules, it is difficult for NAD + directly supplemented from the outside to enter the cell through the cell membrane to participate in biological reactions, while the NMN molecule is small and easy to pass through the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, two NMN molecules will be combined to form a NAD + molecule. "NMN itself is a natural substance in the human body and also exists in many natural foods, so its safety is very high."

"At present, many propaganda refer to NMN as" ageless medicine ", and the capital market also classifies NMN into the concept of medicine, which has caused certain misleading to the public. In fact, NMN is mainly sold as a dietary supplement in the market Wang Hesong, Secretary General of the Health Advisory Service Committee of China Health Care Association, introduced that in the United States, NMN products are marketed as dietary supplements; in Japan, on March 31, this year, the Ministry of health and welfare put NMN on the list of "as long as the function and efficacy of drugs are not advertised, they will not be judged as ingredients of drugs", that is, without claiming the function of drugs, they can be used as raw materials of food. However, NMN has not been approved for general food safety risk assessment in China.

"NMN has laboratory research foundation, natural source and good safety. It is a rare excellent anti-aging health food raw material since melatonin. But consumers should also take a correct view of the efficacy of NMN, it is a food, not a drug, and there is no immortal elixir in the world. Anti aging health food can't keep people old. Its function is to help people spend their old age in a more healthy state. We should not believe in unreliable propaganda such as "extending life to 150 years old" and "anti-aging age" He Qiyang said.