2021-11-24 15:56


Is the double track system of runni show, a skin care brand that claims to earn money, MLM?


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Anti transmission Alliance)Recently, the anti communication alliance platform frequently received fan inquiries: "is runni show dual track system MLM?" in response to this question, the editorial team of the anti communication alliance platform immediately launched data collection and investigation on the enterprise:

On major platforms such as poly Baidu Post Bar, Zhihu and Douban, posts on "whether runni show is MLM" can be seen everywhere. There are also different opinions on the various evaluations of the enterprise. We have an understanding of whether it is MLM or direct sales recognized by some netizens.

"Natural products" are "allergic, red and swollen" and make complaints about quality.

Through the official website released by runnixiu, we learned that runnixiu is an economic and Trade Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. It is mainly engaged in Korean theater level skin care products. It claims to be a natural product extracted and produced through microbial control science, signs MOU with overseas raw material companies, and supplies trusted safety products through the certification of external clinical jury. However, the editing team of the anti transmission alliance platform found that many netizens had serious skin problems such as facial allergy, redness and swelling after using the product.

‖ question the most attractive bonus system of "dream wing runni show"“

As for whether the product quality is qualified or not, we won't discuss it today. So does the business model of such an enterprise claiming to sell skin care products in Korean cinemas constitute MLM as stipulated by national laws?

According to the seventh provision of the pyramid prohibition Ordinance, "organizers or operators should request the development personnel to join other people in the official account, and form the relationship between the upper and lower lines, and calculate and pay the remuneration on the basis of the sales performance of the following line, and seek illegal profits." Last year, an article called "runni show's most attractive bonus system" clearly presented the reward mechanism of the enterprise.

This article analyzes the bonus and incentive mechanism of runnixiu with pictures and texts. In short, a person spent 13500 yuan to buy runnixiu's products and became their offline. Runnixiu believes that the money spent in his place is not investment, but a one-time purchase of skin care products for eight months to one year. After using it, he recommends it to two people around him to buy it, so this Two people become the downline of runni show. If you have one downline, you will get a 5% recommendation award, that is, about 600 yuan. Then you can get a direct promotion award of 1200 yuan if you develop two downlines. By analogy, the downline will continue to develop the downline.

"If you want to make a lot of money, you don't rely on selling products, you rely on" promotion "

In this article, runni show denied that they were selling products and claimed that they would never make "big money" by selling products , you should promote yourself to the manager as soon as possible, which means that you must develop more downlines and urge your downlines to develop more downlines. The recommendation Award for upgrading to the manager will rise from 5% to 15%, and there will be an additional 10% backup award. Not only that, runni show has also set more titles such as director and chief to guide More people go to promotion, and there is only one channel for promotion, that is to develop offline at all levels.