2021-11-24 16:02


Tong Xinhai involved in MLM in the name of traditional Chinese medicine, and Tong Hua's life was frozen for 91.8 million yuan


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Research on wechat E-commerce)Tong Xinhai, the sought after "master" of traditional Chinese medicine, was caught in the storm of "suspected MLM", which was triggered by an administrative ruling of the people's Court of Quzhou County, Hebei Province.

According to the ruling No. (2021) Ji 0435 Caibao No. 67, in order to prevent the respondent from transferring or hiding illegal funds, Hebei Quzhou County People's court applied to freeze the respondent Dalian Tonghua Life Health Industry Development Co., Ltd Dalian Tonghua life trade Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tonghua Life Technology Co., Ltd. and other affiliated companies and individuals have frozen accounts in financial institutions with an amount of 91800000 yuan. The founder of "Tong Hua life" is Tong Xinhai.

Who is Tong Xinhai? Why is she suspected of pyramid selling? What are the secrets behind her?

Brainwashing PUA, selling products, recruiting agents

Tong Xinhai, founder of Tonghua life

There are many "believers" of Tong Xinhai on the Internet. After listening to Tong Xinhai's "Tonghua life" course and learning Tong Xinhai's self-created "emotion and physique", they regard Tong Xinhai as a "mentor" who can be merciful and save suffering.

Liu Fang, a "city representative" student of Tong Xinhai, shared in the circle of friends. After attending the offline class of Tong Hua life, a woman said in the wechat group, "her daughter seems to have changed herself after class. She is determined to save the physical and mental suffering of all the people in the world! All the teachers present are moved to tears." a second-class psychological consultant said after attending the course of "Tong Hua life" "Mr. Tong Xinhai has excellent medical skills. Through the study of emotion and physique, Mr. Tong Xinhai is like a detector with boundless energy, which can make people's physical condition transparent and speak each other's spiritual world." some people just listen to Tong Xinhai's course video for more than ten minutes and begin to doubt life: "Teacher Tong's heart is so big, he is so small, a small family doesn't operate well, his heart is so small, how to educate good children?"

In the sharing of these "students" and "believers", Tong Xinhai feels like a "master". However, in the eyes of others, Tong Xinhai seems to be engaged in "spiritual MLM". Some netizens consulted online, "Tonghua life, under the banner of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional culture, has been pulling people as agents. At the same time, it also has a traditional Chinese Medicine Museum called guangjide, which brainwashes patients on the grounds of public welfare medical treatment and lets people join. Hundreds of thousands of people have been deceived." another traditional Chinese medicine doctor saw that an elder sister around him invested more than 600000 and took the agent of Tonghua life, saying "Dressed in the cloak of charity, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional culture, this organization is wantonly deceiving people who want to make a fortune. I'm thinking about how to save these people. I really can't bear to see traditional Chinese medicine and traditional culture tarnished."

On the website of Tonghua life, Tong Xinhai's Avatar is placed in the middle with Chinese medicine saints such as Hua Tuo, Zhang Zhongjing, Li Shizhen and Sun Simiao. In Tong Xinhai's introduction, the main identity is the founder of Tonghua life and the founder of guangjide traditional Chinese Medicine Museum. She is known as an outstanding female entrepreneur and philanthropist in China at that time. She is a disciple of national medical masters Yan Zhenghua and Zhang Daning Tong Xinhai claims to be the inheritor of Chinese traditional culture and traditional Chinese medicine culture, spreading the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, promoting people's physical and mental health, being kind and loving, and creating health, happiness, beauty, wealth, happiness and altruism Tong Hua's life.

Another version of Tong Xinhai's self introduction said that Tong Xinhai's early experience was very bumpy. He was forced to drop out of school at the age of 10 and independently raised two younger sisters and a six-month-old brother. He worked in a knitting factory at the age of 13 and often worked continuously for 72 hours. His fingers were interrupted by a machine. He worked as a waiter in a guest house at the age of 17 and started a business at the age of 20 to open a large seafood restaurant of 2000 square meters. Later, because of wine The shop guests almost lost their property in a fight. Later, they began to teach themselves traditional Chinese medicine for the health of the elderly at home. At the age of 29, they were admitted to Hunan Changsha College of traditional Chinese medicine, gradually engaged in the cause of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, and deeply studied the classics of traditional Chinese medicine such as the book of changes, the Tao Te Ching and the Analects of Confucius. After more than ten years of research, they created the "theory of emotion and physique".