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Cleaning products, snow lotus paste as a drug, MLM, who constantly manages


[Direct Report Network Beijing April 16] (China Net Finance) Recently, Zhejiang TV station "1818 Golden Eye" column exposed a product called Xuelian paste, a mother in Hangzhou Xiaoshan indulge in the product, be sure to paste Can treat various diseases.
Global Health learned that Xuelian Post is the flagship product of the direct selling company Jintian International Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jintian International). The reporter's investigation found that this is a "small" prefix product, but it is sold under the guise of "detoxification" and "treatment". Many consumers are brainwashed. In addition, Jintian International was not only complained by many consumers because of cross-regional operations, but also the marketing model and bonus system were suspected of pyramid schemes.
Cleaning supplies, but when the drug is sold, Xuelian paste customer service can be detoxification, treatment of gynecological inflammation
In the "1818 Golden Eyes" program, the products involved in Jintian International "Snow Lotus Mat" and "Snow Lotus Eco-Protection Stick" are also known as "Snow Lotus Stick" by consumers. The product is shaped like a pad, tearing You can smell a Chinese medicine when you open it.
On the box of "Snow Lotus to Pad", Global Health noticed that the word "Drug" appeared in the English name, which means the meaning of medicine, but the product's health permit says "Su Weixiao Zheng Zi (2016) No. 0065". In addition, the Ministry of Commerce direct sales company query information shows that Jintian International's direct sales products have two types of nine kinds, in addition to the Tianlun brand bio-wave wave instrument, this is the cleaning supplies, most of which are Xuelian stickers series products. Divided into female stickers and male stickers, there is no medical product category.
It is clearly a cleaning product. Why is it related to "medicine" in the dark? The Global Health Survey found that in the actual sales process, merchants also mislead consumers.
Xuelian posted Taobao customer service said to Global Health that Xuelian paste can improve women's various problems: gynecological inflammation, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, breast hyperplasia, dryness, cleft palate, back pain, dysmenorrhea, blood clots, sputum, menstrual period is not normal. Sexual coldness, low sexual desire, and pain in sexual life. For the product attributes of Xuelian stickers, customer service called it “female care products”.
The introduction of "Men's Post" is more explicit, not only can improve reproductive health, but also help men's problems, such as no morning bream, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, decreased quality of sexual life, cold sex, low sperm motility, sperm Not enough, sperm dysplasia and so on.
In the face of the problem of whether it can treat gynecological inflammation, the customer service said, “It’s okay. When it is posted, it will immediately stop itching and smell, and it will start detoxification within 3 hours.”
In the “Golden Snow Lotus Sticker Genuine Wholesale” Taobao store, the customer service actually began to “review the diagnosis” to the global health reporter. In one or two sentences, the conclusion was “to use three months to six months”.
The reporter learned that the Xiaozihao is a sanitation batch number approved by the local health department and belongs to the category of sanitation and disinfection products. The detection index is mainly for sterilization. The disinfection function only has no therapeutic effect, and the production enterprises and operating enterprises should not make any effective publicity on the “elimination” products.
The Direct Selling Regulations also clearly states that direct selling companies and their direct sellers may not engage in propaganda and marketing activities such as deception or misleading when engaging in direct selling activities.
As a cleaning product for the erasing, Xuelian stickers have been sold as “health products” or even “drugs”. Jintian International’s sales behavior has been seriously violated.
Cross-regional non-compliance sales have repeatedly been complained by consumers
Global Health saw on Tianyuecha platform that Jintian International was established on March 18, 2000. The legal representative is Zu Mingjun, and its shareholders and funders include Zu Mingyan, Zu Mingjun, Zu Mingjiang, Zu Mingquan and other families. member. The company focuses on the Xuelian series, which has 18 subsidiaries including Yantai Jinrui Women's Products Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jintian Xuelian Ecological Maintenance Co., Ltd. and Shandong Jintian Xuelian Ecological Maintenance Co., Ltd.
On January 25, 2016, Jintian International obtained the direct sales license issued by the Ministry of Commerce. According to professional media statistics, Jintian International's performance in the two years after obtaining the direct sales license has grown rapidly. In 2016, Jintian International hit a direct sales performance of 2.7 billion yuan. In 2017, Jintian International ranked among the direct sales companies with a performance of 3.9 billion yuan. The 13th place, the performance growth rate was 44.44%.
The reporter learned that the direct sales area that Jintian International has filed is limited to Yantai, Shandong Province, but can only one place in Yantai make a performance of 3.9 billion yuan?
It is not difficult to find out from the media reports that Jintian International's business scope not only spans urban areas but also across provinces and cities, and appears in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places. Moreover, in cross-regional operations, local consumers have repeatedly complained about pyramid schemes. In the same year, the company was investigated and dealt with by the Tianmen City Administration for Industry and Commerce, Jintian International Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Jintian Xuelian Ecological Maintenance Co., Ltd., Zu Mingjun, He Jun, Zu Wei, Wang Wei, Lv Lili Account funds are also frozen.
In the Chongqing Internet policy platform, some netizens reported that Jintian International Tianshan Snow Lotus ecological maintenance is located next to the Wuzhong District Court District of Wuxi County. It is a pyramid scheme, a table and a blackboard, and some empty boxes are arranged to preach, and the membership is 3900 or 7800. , pyramid sales model. In the 400 people's livelihood area of ​​Xinghua Portal in Jiangsu Province, netizens feedback is located near the Chang'an Bridge in Xinghua. The Jintian International Xinghua Operation Center organizes personnel to publicize the sale of snow lotus stickers to make a fortune. Multi-millionaires are not dreams. And Jiangsu Suqian 12345 asked the political forum, there are also netizens feedback Jintian International illegal distribution in the playground of Suqian Vocational and Technical College, the public said that they purchased the snow lotus paste in the company, but was asked to develop the offline.
Payable mode violates direct sales regulations
Why is a direct selling company that has been licensed for a long time suspected of pyramid schemes? According to industry analysts, Jintian International’s “three-dimensional dynamic model” is the cause of its involvement.
Regarding the "three-dimensional dynamic mode", a vice president of Jintian International once explained: "The company's three-dimensional dynamic mode is the promotion of the mall (micro-business, e-commerce), ground sales (chain-operated stores, flagship stores), ground Service (direct sales). The three modes are not independent, they are three-dimensional, and the three can be integrated."
Insiders pointed out that the so-called three-dimensional integration is only a nominal unification, but the actual implementation is a different approach, which has hidden hidden dangers for the market operation chaos. The multi-level compensation model of Jintian International is the product of the chaotic market operation.
According to media reports, the company's salary model is a two-track system, most of which are daily salary, divided into 3,900 yuan and 7,800 yuan for micro-operated stores and franchise stores, retail profits of up to 40% and 50%.
Seven bonuses were designed in the salary model: pioneering award, support award, leadership award, re-doing prize, excellence prize, glory award, and welfare award. Among them, the pioneering award is also called the direct push award commonly known as "pull head", open up a 3,900 yuan downline to 10% commission, open up a 7800 yuan downline to return 12% commission. Other awards are also “variants” of layer-by-layer rebates. The higher the level, the more bonuses.
China's "Direct Management Regulations" clearly states that direct selling companies should pay at least monthly remuneration for direct sellers. The remuneration paid by the direct selling company to the direct seller can only be calculated according to the income of the direct seller directly selling the product to the consumer. The total remuneration (including commission, bonus, various forms of reward and other economic benefits, etc.) must not exceed the direct seller’s own direct Consumers sell 30% of product revenue.
Jintian International's marketing model clearly violates the Direct Selling Regulations, and its bonus model of paying for the entrance fee or purchasing goods, developing the downline to form a hierarchical relationship, and layer-by-layer rebates is also in line with the typical characteristics of pyramid schemes.
According to China's Regulations on Prohibiting Pyramid Sales, organizers or operators require development personnel to develop other personnel to join, and to calculate and pay compensation for the development personnel based on the number of people directly or indirectly rolling development (including material rewards). And other economic interests); require the developer to pay the fees or pay the fees in the form of subscribing to the goods, obtain the qualification to join or develop other personnel to join; require the development personnel to develop other personnel to join, form the relationship between the upper and lower lines, and the following line The sales performance is based on the calculation and payment of online rewards, and the illegal interests are classified as pyramid schemes.
Not only that, in the market, Jintian International also frequently appears. On June 2, 2016, Jiangsu Jintian Xuelian Ecological Maintenance Co., Ltd. was listed in the “Operational Abnormal Directory” by the Suqian Administration for Industry and Commerce. The reason is that the registered residence or business premises cannot be contacted. For the same reason, on August 16, 2016, Shandong Jintian Xuelian Ecological Maintenance Co., Ltd. was listed in the “Business Anomaly List” by the Licheng District Administration for Industry and Commerce of Jinan City.
On April 9th, Global Health interviewed Jintian International on the above violations, but Jintian International did not respond at the time of publication.