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Quan Jian’s boss, Shu Huihui, was detained by the police. Xia Kedao: Come out and mix the total


[Direct Report Network Beijing January 7th] (Xiake Island) On December 25, 2018, Dr. Clove sent a "Christmas gift" - "Billion health dynasty power, and its Chinese family in the shadow 》. When the incident came out, the ordinary people could not sit still because Quan Jian was suspected of false propaganda and was investigated by the Tianjin market supervision department. Soon, the investigation team formally responded to the Quan Jian incident, saying that once violations of the law and regulations were found, they would be resolutely attacked.
A few days ago, according to the official WeChat of Tianjin Daily, the reporter learned from the joint investigation team such as "Qianjian Incident" that 18 suspects such as the actual controller of Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. have been criminally detained according to law. On January 1, 2019, the Tianjin Public Security Bureau filed a lawsuit against Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. for allegedly organizing and leading the crime of pyramid schemes and false advertising. On January 2, Zhu Mou, suspected of illegal medical practice at Quanjian Cancer Hospital, filed a case investigation. As of January 7, 18 criminal suspects such as Shumou (male, 51 years old, the actual controller of Quanjian Company) have been criminally detained according to law, and the other two suspects were released on bail according to law. Related work is underway.
Before Qian Quan complained about the public version of the People's Daily Overseas Edition, "Xiake Island." The reason is that the WeChat Island WeChat public account published an article entitled "Economic ke" behind the "Northern pyramid scheme" figure, which sneaked behind the false propaganda of Quanjian, and faintly brought out a Tianjin health care product industry. The chain of MLM clues. For Quan Jian’s boss to be arrested, the knight’s island Weibo responded “to be mixed, always to return”.
[Economic ke] "Northern pyramid scheme" behind Quan Zhijian
On December 25th, the well-known self-media "Clove Doctor" published the article "10 billion health empire, and the Chinese family under its shadow". Quan Jian Group was suspected of false propaganda, pyramid schemes and other issues were exposed.
On December 27th, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have instructed the Municipal Market Supervision Committee, the Municipal Health and Health Commission and the Wuqing District and other relevant departments to set up a joint investigation team, and settled in Quan Jian to investigate the incident. The latest news of the evening, the investigation team initially verified that Quan Jian had exaggerated propaganda issues. As for the rest, it is still pending investigation.
The "flaws" of the tens of billions of health empire have also faintly brought out a chain of pyramids in the Tianjin health care industry.
What is the boundary between direct sales and pyramid schemes? The Direct Selling Regulations and the Prohibition of Pyramid Regulations issued by the State Council in 2005 stipulate that organizers or operators must use development personnel to require other personnel to be joined by development personnel to form a relationship between the upper and lower lines. The sales performance of the following lines is based on the calculation and payment of online rewards, and the illegal interests are classified as pyramid schemes.
According to the regulations, if the above enterprises do profit from the method of pulling people's heads and multi-level compensation, they are all suspected of pyramid schemes, but the reality is that not all enterprises have been punished.
Jinghai District and Wuqing District in Tianjin are all areas where MLM forces are relatively embarrassing. According to public reports, from 2008 to 2014, Jinghai District alone, the industry and commerce and public security organs concentrated on cracking down on MLM operations nearly 400 times, accumulating 1300 pyramid schemes and saving 300 people who were restricted from being free. On the day after the exposure of the Quan Jian incident, the Jinghai District Government issued a document requesting the region to maintain a high-pressure situation against pyramid schemes.
However, from the 1990s to the present, Tianjin's pyramid schemes have been banned. Why? Anti-MLM people also introduced some reasons to the economy: From the perspective of terrain, the suburbs of Tianjin are mainly composed of farmland and residential buildings. For MLM organizations, such an environment is easy to hide and easy to imprison; Tianjin Binhai New Area, west of Wuqing is Beijing Tongzhou District. These areas appear in the recruitment website, it is easy to lure college graduates who are eager to find a job and do not understand the situation.
Based on the above, on the Chinese MLM map, the name of Tianjin “Northern pyramid schemes and hardest hit areas” is well deserved.
The location of Quanjian headquarters.
Similarly, as a health care product, the Quan Jian model is almost a copy of Tiens: the product is packaged and promoted by the concept of Chinese medicine, and then sold through a layer of interpersonal network.
Since the establishment of Quanjian, Tianshi’s high-level employees have been entrenched to Quanjian for important positions. A few years ago, Wu Yiqun, the deputy general of Tiens, switched to Quan Jian. As a veteran member, Wu Yiqun knew the Tiens’ profit model very well, which greatly helped the power of the Tianshi model. Quanjian official website shows that in 2017, Quanjian's direct sales performance was 17.6 billion yuan, ranking the fourth in the industry, and it has already left Tianshi behind.
Quan Jian, who has developed rapidly in his career, also entered the football industry. He bought the Tianjin Songjiang Football Team, which was in the middle of the game, and renamed it Tianjin Quanjian. He invested 600 million yuan in one breath and went to the Super League in the following year. A well-known domestic and foreign player. After Quan Jian was caught in the public opinion storm, the football team's Weibo was also captured by angry netizens for a time, and some of the speech even called it "human blood skull football team." Before buying Tianjin Songjiang, Quan Jian had hoped to invest in the Tianjin old-fashioned football team "Tianjin Teda". At that time, many local fans opposed it and failed.
Shu Huihui also has many titles: “China's leading natural medicine practitioners”, “Special Contribution Award for Human Health”, “Special Medicine Doctors”, “Promoting the most influential leaders in the field of natural medicine”... Listen I don’t know where to award the prize.
Quan Jian's "Sports Empire"
Quanjian currently owns 13 kinds of health foods, 9 of which are not self-developed, but transferred by other companies.
On August 7, 2013, Quan Jian received the No. 40 direct sales license. Before June 5, 2017, his legal direct sales area was only Tianjin. As early as 2012, some people were engaged in pyramid schemes in the name of Quan Jian and were sentenced, but Quan Jian himself has been safe and sound, and the scale has become bigger and bigger...
On December 26th, the second day of the “Clove Doctor” exposure of Quan Jian, the Quan Jian Direct Marketing System Franchisor Conference was held at the headquarters normally, and the venue for 2,000 people was overcrowded.
On-the-spot situation, we may also use the video images published by Dr. Clove to imagine one or two. In the dealer team training organized by Quanjian, some people recited such a poem in front of the stage:
We are noble because we spread the big love to the world. We are tall because we change the fate of the family... Let us follow up with the general manager of the bundle and join the power of this glory to create a better tomorrow for mankind... But now that Quan Jian is most worried about, I am afraid it is my own tomorrow.