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MLM leader: writing formula brainwashing control fund


On October 27th, a woman who was tricked into the MLM organization showed the reporter a photo of the “China Sharing Economy Dealer Purchase Order” signed by the MLM organization.
A pyramid scheme handwritten by the MLM organization China Business Chamber of Commerce.
[Direct Report Network Beijing November 26th] (New Beijing News) "China Green" MLM organization changed its name to "China Business Chamber of Commerce" after being exposed, and continued to use the banner of "sharing economy" to raise funds in the private sector. In the various levels of "leadership" that the reporter contacted during the undercover period, some people who were in trouble due to pyramid schemes claimed to be awakened to describe the insider of the pyramid scheme to the reporter: lie to invite newcomers, weave rich dreams, brainwash, and write a full set of speech manipulation funds. plate.
MLM managers who are "isolated"
At the end of 2016, Jilin’s Zhang Fenglan’s business in Hainan failed. After a friend’s introduction, she came to Qinhuangdao to inspect the project and wanted to find another way to make a living.
According to Zhang Fenglan's description, at the time the recommender was encouraged by Guangming, she learned about the money-making model of getting rich and then found out that it was a pyramid scheme. "In the beginning, I invested more than 100,000 and went in and wanted to make it back. I just followed it." Zhang Fenglan recalled that after Yu Guangming and several other managers set up funds, they began to pull down the line. "In less than a month, pull it." More than 200 people."
Later, some reporters went under the “China Green” MLM organization, and a line in the hands of Guangming was taken off by the law enforcement department. “He started to keep a low profile and let the people who were not caught scattered,” Zhang Fenglan said. In order to avoid being investigated and dealt with again, Yu Guangming made rules. “The number of people in a suite should not exceed five, and someone should knock on the door and not open. , you must call to open the door."
After entering the platform for two years, Zhang Fenglan invested a total of more than 600,000 yuan. I have also received money, but it does not exceed the cost of investment. Later, she found that she was leading more and more downlines. "Many people can't make money, there are divorced, wives, missing, and suicidal." Zhang Fenglan realized, "This The biggest hazard of the platform is to hurt people's thinking and create more 'refugees' to meet the top of the pyramid."
According to Zhang Fenglan's recollection, in June this year, she met at a hotel in Qinhuangdao and talked about preparing to leave the MLM organization. Because of the huge cost of investment, Zhang Fenglan wanted to let Yu Guangming retreat half of the total investment cost, 300,000 yuan.
"In the beginning, he (Yu Guangming) promised," Zhang Fenglan said. "There was no news after contacting Guangming, and the phone was not answered. People could not find it."
Zhang Fenglan was "isolated."
Liaoning Song Huafang is also one of the "managers". She came to Qinhuangdao at the end of 2016 to join the MLM organization. After investing more than 300,000 yuan for his son's marriage, so far, Song Huafang did not receive a penny.
She had found too much light couple theory, "Why did the platform not pay her wages according to the rules." Song Huafang recalled the scene at the time. "He (Yu Guangming) husband and wife said at the beginning to check the account, and finally lost contact."
114 pages of "Share Economic Operation Process"
As one of the top managers of the organization, Zhang Fenglan participated in the preparation of brainwashing. "The brainwashing information is something that the manager below can't see. It records the whole from the invitation to the deceit. Link."
Zhang Fenglan said that brainwashing is also called "sharing economic operation process", which is divided into upper and lower volumes. Brainwashing is printed by A4 paper. The whole volume is 114 pages. The cover is the photo of the gate of Yuanmengyuan Park.
The Beijing News reporters read the brainwashing speech and found that the book includes four chapters including “sharing the economy”, “sharing the economic operation process”, “sharing the general outline of economic operation”, “instrument lectures” and “examination questions”. In these chapters, they have been labeled as "national policy", "secret support", "create a 700 million middle class" and other words and sentences as a deceit.
In the chapter on “Sharing the Economic Operation Process”, the Beijing News reporter found that the MLM organization’s interpretation of “seeing reality” is: realistic verification, successful people’s statements, including going to the tea house, small-scale communication of the restaurant and the reception, sharing with successful people. . "All this is arranged," Song Huafang said.
The China Business Chamber of Commerce MLM organization needs to design lies when it invites newcomers. In the brainwashing, we put forward a clear request: according to the way of the invitation, design different swindling drafts, words should be moderate, to lie to the other party can accept, so that the other party can quickly stabilize, the language can not be urgent, to be smooth clever.
In the next volume, the MLM organization has designed 23 chapters such as “Starting Class”, “Hosting”, “Bringing People”, “The Four Killers of the Company” and “Operation Mode”.
The Beijing News reporter opened the "Hosting" chapter and found that the question-and-answer words recorded above were exactly the same as those experienced during the undercover period. Even the contents of the "manager" speech are used as a template for copying the contents of brainwashing.
"In the end, the only purpose of these MLM organizations is to let the newcomers pay the money, make their own money, and go offline, and even swindle." Li Xu, president of the China Anti-MLM Association, said.
Difficult to trace the MLM executives
Zhang Fenglan and Song Huafang said that they were “blackened” by the platform after they objected to the “platform”.
They want to find a theory of light and want to recover the huge amount of money they invest. "But it was rejected again and again, and now people can't find it."
The reporter of the Beijing News discovered during the undercover period that it was supposed to be a banquet attended by all new and old members. Zhang Fenglan and Song Huafang were not present. "He \ let the people under the hands do not inform us, let us disconnect with him, there is no activity to tell us." Song Huafang said that she and Zhang Fenglan, lost the link of the platform, can not find in Guangming, the two The nearly one million yuan added up was all over the water.
Yu Guangming and Wang Jianhua intend to prevent Zhang Fenglan and Song Huafang from participating in activities and conferences. This was verified during the undercover report of the Beijing News. At 4 o'clock on the afternoon of October 25, when Liu Wenjun proposed to attend the banquet held at the first tour of Jinglun Hotel, he was rejected by Wang Jianmin and Wang Jianhua. Wang Jianmin privately told Liu Wenjun, "If you want to go, everyone can't go."
"They (Wang Jianhua four brothers) know that I have contact with them (Zhang Fenglan and Song Huafang), so beware of me." Liu Wenjun said that Yu Guangming is hiding from them, "I am afraid that they will cause trouble and lead to dens."
No one knows the specific residences of Guangming and Wang Jianhua, but only when more than two new people join the “platform”, they appear in the “brainwashing” venue.
During the undercover period, Wang Jianhua once said that Guangming is a cadre of the Dalian Urban Construction Bureau, but the reporter verified that the Dalian Urban Construction Bureau had no such person at all.
“All the actions of the managers are temporary notices, and there is no law,” Song Huafang said. Since the last time it was exposed by CCTV, Yu Guangming and others changed their residences. “Where I live, I don’t know.”
After the "Li Huan incident", "every time a new member comes in, the brothers of the Wang family will turn over the luggage brought by others when they are not paying attention, and will check the newcomers' mobile phones," Liu Wenjun said. This is to prevent The undercover of the reporter and the police.
On the morning of October 23, the Beijing News reporter went under the above MLM organization. Nearly an hour after going out to buy toiletries, the reporter’s parcel placed in Wang Jianmin’s home was moved, and the clothes in the bag were traced.
Upgraded MLM method
In 2006, after experiencing the pyramid scheme, Li Xu became an anti-MLM. He established the Chinese Civil Anti-MLC Association at his own expense and served as the president.
In the past ten years, Li Xu’s association has received hundreds of help calls every day to inquire about how to prevent and respond to pyramid schemes. He has also been called “the first person in the anti-MLM” by the media.
Li Xu said that with the continuous crackdown of the country, in recent years, Nanpai MLM has transformed this "pure capital operation" pyramid scheme into a "civilian mutual assistant financial system" (a model of Yanjiao MLM organization), and then changed in Qinhuangdao. To "share the economy." Li Xu learned from the anti-braining work of Li Huan's parents that the “China Green” MLM organization reduced the entry fee of 43,500 yuan to a mode of 2,900 yuan and a single order (15 singles) of 43,500 yuan, thus forming an investment. A new variant of MLM with lower cost.
In this MLM system, there is no restriction on personal freedom, strict control of the harassment of the people, absolutely no development of local people, and participants can freely consume. Li Xu said that these different pyramid schemes can make the pyramid sellers continue to pull new people without being discovered. It is precisely because of such a management model that Wang Jianmin and others define this as a "transparent sharing economic project." ".
Many victims have been brainwashed and become “injured” step by step.
Li Xu said that the small leaders in the pyramid scheme are victims of the past. They have a dual identity, both as victims and as perpetrators. He was a victim before he was brainwashed. When he was brainwashed, he also changed from a victim to a perpetrator.
"The legal threshold for cracking down on pyramid schemes is too high, the punishment is too light, and it is very difficult to obtain evidence. The pyramid schemes are constantly being played." According to Li Xu, according to the current law, people who participate in pyramid schemes are mainly critical education, and at most they are demobilized. "Dismissal can't solve the problem. He is brainwashed, obsessed with it, you can't break it, you can't keep going. The palliative is not a cure. Unless you catch the leader, destroy the network, grab the leader, and naturally it will be scattered."
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