2019-09-20 14:01


Xu Huafeng: Direct Marketing is not the opposite of Media Supervision


[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (China Consumer Daily)Since the 100-day campaign to rectify the chaos in the health care market, some media have supervised and reported on the direct selling enterprises, making the managers of enterprises awe the media very much. Once they encounter problems, they are not communication but crisis public relations. Although they have solved the immediate problems, they can not understand the increasing "misunderstanding". When things are urgent, when things are urgent, they will be chaotic. When things are chaotic, they will make mistakes. They will be tired of dealing with them, and they will not pay for their losses. They will go round and round again.

For a long time, direct marketing in our country is not fragrant outside the walls. Although many things have been done in charity and public welfare, the promotion of social responsibility may be louder than enterprise management, but it still can not change the embarrassing situation that has been controversial in reality.

With huge consumption demand and many years of market experience, how can media and enterprises shake hands, embrace and integrate development, make health industry healthier, make consumption field more rational, and make direct marketing truly a viable force to promote the development of health industry? I think it is the current news media to reach consensus on the following aspects. Direct selling enterprises are the key to abandon prejudice and integrate development in implementing "Healthy China 2030 Plan" and "Healthy China Action".

First, media journalists are not experts in every industry and can not have a professional and thorough understanding of every industry. This requires more exchanges, dialogues and communication between professionals and media practitioners, so that journalists can have a better understanding of the direct selling industry, especially those questioned by the society, such as pyramid selling and license registration. And other sensitive issues. It can't be denied that although some media may have deviations in their reports, the root cause of the social criticism of direct marketing is the long-standing habit and numbness of indulgence of irregular behavior in the industry.

Secondly, exaggerated propaganda and high product prices in direct marketing should not become industry standard matching. The development direction of healthy consumer goods should be that the technology is constantly improving while the price of products is constantly decreasing, thus forming a mature market, producing and selling authentically and credibly, and purchasing and consuming rationally and reasonably.

Thirdly, we should pay attention to health science popularization and education. At present, the growing health needs of consumers and the lack of health knowledge are the reasons for the rapid success and instant benefit of sales, blind purchase and use, leading to continuous media monitoring and reporting. The most important part of the healthy China action is the "Five Entries" popular science publicity and education activities carried out by the General Administration of Market Supervision, which focus on "preventing fraud and false propaganda, safeguarding their own consumption rights and interests", such as entering communities, villages, networks, campuses and businesses. Direct marketing enterprises should actively cooperate with the media to produce health-related public welfare promotional films, distribute popular science materials, organize health tours, popularize and disseminate popular science knowledge and safety knowledge, and silently improve the health literacy level of employees and consumers in activities. Only by reducing irrational consumption can the direct selling industry improve more qualitatively.

In the face of major public opinion events involving people's lives, the media can neither be absent nor offside. The duty of the media is to expose illegal phenomena and convey true information, but ultimately how to decide should be handed over to the administrative supervision department. In addition, we should pay attention to the violation of laws and regulations in an enterprise. Even if it is a large enterprise, it does not mean that the whole industry has problems. We should not waste food because of choking and let a rat feces spoil a pot of soup. In the report of health industry, attention should also be paid to the influence of traditional Chinese medicine and food homology and health-keeping Customs on diet and health care. For example, what we commonly call "health care products" has no legal significance. Only "health care food" has relatively perfect laws and regulations. Other aspects such as health care products and health care services are still in the period of absence of laws and regulations and the absence of supervisors, which also leads to enterprises'inappropriateness in the process of development. Feelings of subordination, suffering and no complaint.