2019-09-20 14:18


Anhui innovates the means of supervision and cracks down on pyramid selling accurately


[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (China Consumption Network)A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Anhui Market Supervision Bureau that since this year, around the overall requirements of "visible, defensible and able to go", Anhui Province's anti-pyramid marketing work has continuously innovated the means and mechanism of supervision, deepened the comprehensive management of social security against pyramid marketing, and has always maintained the high pressure situation of cracking down on pyramid marketing, and the provincial anti-pyramid work. The situation has improved in an all-round way, and remarkable results have been achieved. The decisive change from passive attack to active control has been achieved.

In the work of pyramid distribution, Anhui Province has innovated the means of supervision and cracked down on pyramid marketing activities accurately.

First, we should focus on interaction and strengthen information exchange. Anhui Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau carries out in-depth research, carries out research activities, and timely summarizes the situation and related information of the whole province, dynamically pushes it to all parts of the country, and issues three bulletins on the work of teletyping. The Bureau and the Anhui Public Security Bureau have strengthened cooperation, implemented information sharing and strengthened the interaction between fighting and preventing.

Second, we should focus on rectification and special actions. A hundred days'action was taken to jointly rectify the disorder in the "health care" market. Relying on the hundred day action, on the one hand, we will focus on cracking down on all kinds of pyramid selling activities in the name of health care activities, on the other hand, we will focus on standardizing the business behavior of direct selling enterprises, organizing and holding interviews with direct selling enterprises, and putting forward clear requirements for the business management of direct selling enterprises. To deploy and carry out the special operation of Wanjian-2019. Anhui Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau, together with Anhui Provincial Committee of Political Science and Law and Provincial Public Security Bureau, jointly issued the Notice of Action on Fighting Pyramid Marketing "Wanjian-2019", from now on to December 10, concentrating efforts and time on the province-wide campaign against pyramid marketing "Wanjian-2019" to maintain high pressure on illegal pyramid marketing activities. Strike hard. This is also the ninth special anti-pyramid marketing campaign launched in the province since 2011.

Third, we should focus on the key points and focus on cracking down on online pyramid selling. According to the "four-step working method" of "on-line monitoring, off-line demonstration, multi-measures disposal and sound post", market supervision departments strictly control market access, and inform relevant departments of possible problems when dealing with business licences involving financing, investment, consultation and other types of subjects. Market supervision departments and public security departments give full play to the role of 12315, 110 and other platforms, using the Internet monitoring, network trading supervision and other ways to pay attention to information. According to the unified deployment of the General Administration of Market Supervision, more than 900 suspected affiliated agency companies and alliance businessmen in Yunlian Hui cases were investigated and disposed of, and the online pyramid sales clues monitored by the General Administration's pyramid sales monitoring points were checked and handled in a timely manner.

Fourth, we should lay stress on the foundation and focus on carrying out the two innovations. We will further promote the establishment of "non-pyramid marketing community (village)" and comprehensively promote the establishment of "non-pyramid marketing network platform". By the end of June, 36626 non-pyramid selling communities (villages) had been identified in Anhui Province. Chuzhou took the lead in establishing a "non-pyramid selling network platform" with two leading enterprises of the local Internet platform.

Fifth, we should focus on publicity and create an atmosphere for spreading information. According to the characteristics of different fields and groups, we should further extend the antenna of publicity and education, and focus on enhancing the pertinence and effectiveness of publicity and education. On June 14 this year, Anhui Satellite Television Dolphin Theatre I introduced and broadcasted the TV drama "On-line and Off-line" in prime time. From a unique perspective, through the anti-pyramid marketing struggle of the positive characters in the play, the play shows sunshine, positive life concept and ideology, and is one of the few anti-pyramid marketing TV plays. Introducing and broadcasting the play is a new highlight of the anti-pyramid marketing propaganda work in Anhui Province. After the play is broadcast, it arouses consumers'enthusiasm to resist pyramid marketing and receives good propaganda effect.