2018-10-25 14:51


Zhijun Zhang


Zhang Zhijun, founder of Enron Diamond International System

[Direct Report Network Beijing October 25th] (DSCHorizon)"A low-key, pragmatic system leader? A system leader who is passionate about direct selling and inspires people with positive energy? Or a team leader who is wise and calm, trusted in system and decision-making?..." Before waiting for the interview, I guessed the personality traits of Zhang Zhijun, founder of Enron Diamond International System, in order to get ready for the next interview.

But this time, all the ideas in my mind were rejected after I raised the question of what I think of the current direct selling industry. Because Zhang Zhijun told me in a slightly excited tone, "The direct selling industry and the direct sellers should be taller, and I want the direct sellers and the dealer team to be valued and cared for."

"A true and affectionate direct seller" - that's the first impression I felt when I interviewed the system leader, and I realized it was time to lay down the outline without too much imagination and just focus on what he thought and thought.

Direct sellers need more care.

"Why is it so urgent that the direct selling people become tall and get attention and care?"

Zhang Zhijun tells me that the direct selling model itself seems to him to be an excellent marketing model, with growth and learning, but also accompanied by a fair system, but unfortunately the current image of the entire direct selling industry in society and the people urgently needs to be improved, despite relying on high-quality products and social welfare. Activities and so on make the direct selling enterprise gradually obtained the recognition of people, but still lacks the attention, the concern and the concern to the distributor team which has the same important contribution to the direct selling industry.

He lamented that many of the company's dealer teams are even difficult to have a stable place to operate - temporary and simple stores, due to the fatigue caused by the rush, such a state of operation will undoubtedly make it difficult to establish the image of direct sellers. Although today's Zhang Zhijun has led Diamond International to achieve brilliant results, but he seems to be more than his own success, he wants his success force to help more direct sellers, through the replication of the model, so that all who come to this platform to work can change their own fate and family. "This is the beginning of the direct selling mode, and it is also the charm of direct selling." Zhang Zhijun said.

Big pattern and new future

"We're not at the top of the industry, but the people who come here have changed their fortunes and their families, and it's precious that the team's first successful partners have helped more people to replicate that success. Now that I have built such a platform, I hope that more people can harvest their careers and wealth. After six years of development, Diamond International has reached its present scale and achievements. Zhang Zhijun, the founder of Diamond International, is not sitting on the merits book. He still describes every step of the development with "like walking on thin ice", and sets three basic standards for the construction of a team in Diamond International's "not allowed" system. . In my view, the most impressive part of this interview is this.

The pursuit of quality of life and the determination to justify the name of the direct selling industry have remained unchanged since Zhang Zhijun entered the direct selling industry, and his three "no allowances" have been formally derived from this: one is not allowed to save money, two is not allowed to invest in activities unrelated to direct selling, and three is not allowed to retire at will.

Zhang Zhijun advocates buying cars and houses for himself and his family to directly improve the quality of life. The purpose of not allowing money to be saved is to guide people to use their wealth to improve themselves, to package themselves, and to open up more markets, and more importantly, to establish direct sales. Industry confidence, and promote the concept of sustainable development and sustainable operation.

As for the second rule that does not allow investment in areas unrelated to direct selling, Zhang Zhijun said that the direct selling industry has brought wealth to the people of the team. People should not "forget their own business" at any time. Every direct seller has an obligation to make the industry better through unremitting efforts, rather than become cautious after success. Micro, even busy preparing for the so-called "back road", such irrelevant investment behavior is harmful to the entire industry.