2019-09-20 14:30


Chairman Baojian Li Dao's Talk: Thanksgiving, Make Career and Life More Perfect



[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (Baojian)One year, I went back to America to visit my old mother and accompanied her to dinner in the evening. Mother insists on going to a restaurant which is far away and well-decorated. We can't beat her, so we have to accompany her.

When she arrived at the restaurant, she greeted the waiters and managers of the restaurant with great pleasure and introduced us to each other. Mother said that they took special care of her and made her feel warm, so they would like to come here for dinner. To my surprise, the restaurant attendant also whispered to me, "Your old lady is very kind and takes care of us very much."

We eat in such an atmosphere of mutual respect and gratitude. Both sides are very happy. The restaurant served us a lot of dessert fruits. When we checked out, the old mother told us to tip us more. In this small matter, seemingly insignificant attitude of gratitude, but to establish a long-term, good trust between people.

We often say: Achieve yourself and make others. How to achieve and create? Like this, just be grateful.

We all know how difficult it is to build trust among people in today's society. We see too many utilitarians and complications, and we dare not give our hearts to others - afraid of being rejected, even more afraid of being hurt.

However, there are always some people who can get long-term trust and support from others. If we observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that they rely on their own decent behavior, profound knowledge, helpful heart and integrity and reliable character.

If you want to be such a person, think about whether you are close to this standard and how you can achieve it.

My personal feeling is: more gratitude, less complaint.

Our career and life are often influenced by our mentality. Some people encounter misfortune and frustration, will habitually pass it on to others, thus complaining --- walking down? That's a bad way! Learning is bad? Teachers are not good! Weather is bad? God is not long-sighted! Career development is bad? Leaders are not good counseling! Income is bad? Blame the company's strategic plan is not good...

In a word, all the bad and bad things are caused by others and their mistakes. The occasional achievements are all due to their own merits.

Regrettably, no matter how you complain, it's you who ultimately bear the consequences. Your complaints can't change your life. Worse still, many people don't want to interact with you because no one wants to be with people who complain all day without a positive attitude or arrogance.

On the contrary, the "thanksgiving" mentality can make you more affinity, attract and embrace more people.

Be grateful to those who lead you into an industry, because opportunities are the most valuable harvest in life.

Thank your teachers and superiors for helping you grow in your study and work.

Thank your partners and colleagues for working closely with you and facing challenges together.

Thanks to the company and the motherland for their steady development platform.

Thanksgiving consumers, is their trust, gives you the opportunity to serve them, help you have a sound career.

Thanksgiving to those who gossip behind your back, because they are critical, you can be alert and cautious.

Be grateful to those who reject you, because they let you see your shortcomings, so as to better exercise and improve yourself.

Be grateful to those who criticize you, though it may come from ignorance, but it reminds you of the importance of strengthening communication.

Even if you don't have to complain about the evil person who framed you, thank God for letting you experience all kinds of people and learn to deal with different things, all these ups and downs will become the stepping stone of your future success.

Thanksgiving mentality, let oneself learn and grow more humbly, live more peacefully and joyfully, and face everyone around happily.

Being grateful will let you release goodwill to others from your heart. If you think of them all the time, others will naturally like to be close to you and trust you. Your career will also be more successful and have unlimited possibilities for extension.

Baojian is the cause of serving the people. Thanksgiving for our belief in "being good for others" at the beginning of our career development, and because we firmly believe that "being good for others, we will be better for ourselves", we are able to gain the trust of more and more consumers we serve, so that we can have today's long-term stable career.