2019-05-09 16:34


May Fourth Youth Festival leads to youth


[Direct Report Network Beijing May 5th] (Green Leaf) May Fourth Youth Day
Youth during the May Fourth Youth Festival
Mr. Xu Jiancheng feels
Today, one hundred years ago,
Thousands of young students who have died outside of their lives,
Going to the streets, angry against the power of imperialism.
Vibrant demonstrations and shouts,
It has aroused the awakening of the Chinese people’s anti-imperialist and anti-feudal ideology.
The May Fourth Wind and Thunder have stirred up for centuries.
The spirit of the May Fourth Movement, through the years, guides our surging youth.
Youth is infinitely beautiful.
But every kind of youth will be drawn by the great wheel of the times.
We are in peacetime and need to be careful.
Only then can I realize the passionate youth that is not afraid of life and death.
For a hundred years, generation after generation,
Continue to struggle, triumphant,
With their youth fighting, they created a Chinese miracle.
Once, the car was a foreign thing that I had never seen before.
Nowadays, China’s automobile production has been the world’s number one for ten consecutive years;
Once, our first electricity was issued by the British in the concession.
In 2018, China’s power generation reached 679.142 billion kWh, ranking first in the world;
Once, the freighter terminal was controlled by foreigners.
Today, the top ten super-large ports in the world, China has seven seats;
Once, flying is just our myth.
In 2018, China completed 39 space launches and surpassed the United States for the first time.
Standing in a beautiful era of national forge ahead,
Looking back at the 100-year revival road, rekindling the spirit of the May Fourth Movement,
We should continue to create more of China's best with youth.
Let youth, like burning a hundred years ago,
Let us indulge,
The beautiful youth given by the spirit of the May Fourth Movement -
Patriotic dedication, enthusiasm and youth;
Young people who are eager for progress and only strive for the future;
a democracy that is self-reliant and passionate;
Dreaming science, the courage to create youth.
- Mr. Xu Jiancheng feels