2019-08-05 14:22


38 Woman Le Shao Xuejuan: Turn around with emotion


[Beijing Direct News Network, August 5] (38 Woman Le)Recently, the book "The extraordinary career of ordinary women" has been published by China Population Publishing House. This book describes the extraordinary struggle stories of 20 ordinary women: some of them come from cities, some from rural areas, some civil servants, some small business owners, they have different cultural, economic and family backgrounds, but they have one thing in common, that is, they are unwilling to fate, unwilling to commonplace, they use women's unique sensitivity. Feeling and perseverance, out of the valley of life, to obtain a happy life.

Since May 25, the "Jing Yuanyi" public number of 38 women's music has been launching the stories of 20 women with wealth and wisdom in order to bring more women warm, touching and spiritual strength, inspire everyone to live and work actively, live their own light and create extraordinary life.

In Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, which is known as "the hometown of fluorite and the city of hot springs", there is such a woman who, although not well known, is absolutely little known among the female compatriots. She is Shao Xuejuan. For more than 20 years, from the beginning of the clothing retail industry, to the beauty industry later, to the health industry for which she is now struggling, her every turn or transformation has stepped on the drum of the market, which is amazing and amazing.

A "Business Business Business Business Business" is hidden in my heart

It is said that Zhejiang people are the most business people in China. Shao Xuejuan seems to have a business gene in her bones. Since childhood, she has always had a "business dream" in her heart. In this way, leaving school, entering society, business has naturally become her first choice. It is said that everything is difficult to start, especially in business, with little capital and no experience, which is also the biggest difficulty for "businessmen" who have just entered the shopping mall. Choosing an industry is also a matter of great consideration. Choosing the right industry will lead to half the success of entrepreneurship, and choosing the wrong industry will lead to no return at all.

Shao Xuejuan's "Show of Shopping Mall" has chosen a more stable clothing retail business. After a series of links, such as preliminary investigation, brand identification, location selection, decoration and shop, her clothing store has opened in a lively way. Blessings from relatives and friends continue, expecting her business to flourish and her career to grow bigger and bigger. Smiling and accepting the blessings, she deeply knows that making her career bigger and stronger is the goal, but in order to achieve this goal, we must pay more efforts than ordinary people.

From scratch to the most difficult, Shao Xuejuan also encountered a lot of difficulties in the initial stage. At this time, her spirit of hard work and the spirit of Zhejiang people in the business world blossomed dazzling light. In those years, her clothing store would always open an hour more than others, but when others and her "boil time" time, she was working hard in the service; when other people's services are also "pattern renovation", she was in fashion style. She always seems to be a step ahead of others. In this way, her clothing stores are becoming more and more popular. They are also from one to two, from two to three. Over the past few years, they have opened eight branches. Many friends have said, "Shao Xuejuan, who is very simple in life but quite shrewd in the market, must have a business business in her heart."

"Her Time" is "Her Business"

It's no doubt a joke to say that Shao Xuejuan's heart hides "Business Economics", but it also shows from the side that Shao Xuejuan's friends recognize her ability in the business field, even praise her. Soon, Shao Xuejuan proved it again.

When Shao Xuejuan's Zhejiang native Ma Yun led the Internet to roar and connect all things at the beginning, Shao Xuejuan felt a crisis subconsciously, so she stopped expanding in the clothing retail industry, but turned her attention to the beauty salon. As for why she chose a beauty salon, Shao Xuejuan said that her eight clothing stores are mainly women's clothes. She knows how much women's consumption power is, which also makes her realize that China has entered an era of "her economy". With the increase of women's consumption ability, more women have the ability to make themselves. Become more beautiful. Therefore, she feels that in such a "her era", it is to do the business of women, which she calls "her business". So Shao Xuejuan started her first trip. In fact, at first the business of the beauty salon was quite good, and she soon opened a second branch. In this way, Shao Xuejuan can be said to have a small career, although life is not rich and noble, but also happy and self-satisfied.