2018-12-21 16:13


Shuang Di Pan Xiaofei won two awards in the Direct Selling Forum


[Direct Report Network BeijingDecember 21st] (shuangdi)From November 1 to 3, 2018, the Fifth Boao Direct Sales Summit Forum was held in Sanya, Hainan, with the theme of "reconstructing people, goods, market" and enabling "new Zhi Xiao". Pan Xiaofei, chairman of Shuangdi Stock Company, was invited to attend the forum and won two heavyweight awards.

At the forum, Pan Xiaofei, chairman of the board of directors, made an in-depth study and Discussion on the market concept innovation and enterprise development trend of the future direct selling industry under the new consumption scenario of diversification and explosive growth. Mr. Pan also made a speech at the conference on issues such as Shuangdi's "one body, two wings" strategy, innovation of direct marketing model, and how to improve product repetition. He was interviewed by the media after the meeting.

Moderator: This is the "Hui" living room of the 2008 Boao Direct Selling Summit Forum. We are very honored to invite Pan Xiaofei, chairman of Shuangdi Stock Company, to be the "Hui" living room. Pan Zong, hello, people are paying more and more attention to health nowadays. As a member of the big health industry, how does Shuangdi build a sustainable big health management platform to provide health management solutions for consumers?

Pan Xiaofei: Shuangdi takes consumers as the center, takes nucleotides, hydrogen enrichment and gene detection as the radius, and constructs three concentric circles, that is, to create a healthy micro-environment for consumers, to build a platform for health management, and to build a healthy ecological circle interacting with 500 million people around the world. Depending on current science and technology, we can not completely change the macro-ecological environment, but we can start from the small environment of life and work, and intervene from the basic needs of everybody's life such as "eating, sleeping, feeding, draining, regulating and pre-conditioning". By improving the micro-environment in vivo and in vitro, we can lay a solid foundation for health.

In terms of methods and methods, Shuangdi takes genetic testing as the "cause-knowing" means and service tool of health, uses nucleotides and hydrogen-rich technologies and products to "cure causes", realizes accurate prediction, accurate diagnosis and precise treatment, not only advances health management, but also improves human health to the level of cell and molecule. In terms of sustainability, Shuangdi has continuously invested in both hardware and software. It has not only established a national gene testing demonstration center, world-class non-invasive testing equipment, provincial key laboratories, research institutes jointly built with domestic universities, but also docked with top think tanks such as Nobel Prize scientists, and continuously applied scientific research results to the large health industry. At present, with the help of mobile Internet technology and medical resources at home and abroad, we are building a health database for consumers, bringing value-added health services to their consumer products, realizing timely health monitoring, early warning, expert consultation, remote diagnosis and treatment, and truly realizing fine and scientific health management.

Moderator: Cross-border integration is one of the current trends of new retail. In September this year, Shuangdi Yun Buy e-commerce platform launched heavily. How does Shuangdi combine the direct marketing model with the new retail model?

Pan Xiaofei: Shuangdiyun E-Commerce Platform is an open mobile phone mall, which adopts the way of cash plus coupons, so that online consumers can achieve preferential consumption, free consumption, and even make money to consume. It is undeniable that online shopping has increasingly become a habit of young and middle-aged people, but there are still a large number of physical stores relying on the retail industry. Online and offline are not competing for the market, but useful supplements. For Shuangdi, we have always been positioned as a two-wing strategy, with direct marketing as the main body, using online and offline two ways to serve the main body and promote each other. We implant the most important experiential link in the new retail into the terminal store, and the most needed interaction in the new retail into the cloud shopping platform, so as to stimulate and attract online and offline consumer groups, and transport increments for the main body of direct sales. Of course, we are still learning and exploring in this respect. We hope to discuss and learn lessons with our friends in the industry.Moderator: The theme of this year's forum is "Restructuring people's stores, empowering people to go straight away." How do you think enterprises should cope with the advent of the new retail era?