2021-11-24 14:52


Xue Changhu came to Kanger to guide the launch of cooperative new products


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Kanger)The exploration and development of marine active peptides promote people's understanding of marine active peptides and accelerate the application of active peptides in various fields. Since its establishment, Kanger biology has always been committed to benefiting global human health with pure natural nutrition programs, and has joined hands with many authoritative experts and scholars at home and abroad to escort the innovation and development of enterprises.

On November 20, Professor Xue Changhu, the second prize winner of the national science and technology progress award, President of the school of food science and engineering of Ocean University of China and President of Qingdao Institute of marine food nutrition and health innovation, visited the group to guide the joint research and development of a new Haiweishi sea cucumber collagen egg white peptide composite beverage on the market, so as to ensure the quality of each product and strive for excellence.

Professor Xue Changhu is currently the dean of the school of food science and engineering of Ocean University of China and the dean of Qingdao Institute of marine food nutrition and health innovation.

On November 3, 2021, at the "2020 National Science and technology award conference", the project of "key technology and application of sea cucumber functional component analysis and intensive processing" led by Professor Xue Changhu's team won the second prize of national science and technology progress award.

Focusing on the sustainable and healthy development of the whole industry chain of sea cucumber, this achievement has successfully broken through the key technologies such as the chemical structure and nutritional function of sea cucumber functional components, sea cucumber nutrition maintenance and high-quality processing technology system, and efficient preparation technology of sea cucumber functional components, forming a series of innovative achievements and realizing product transformation, Vigorously promote the development and progress of high-value utilization of sea cucumber processing in China.

Since the strategic cooperation between the group and Professor Xue Changhu's team, relying on the authoritative platform of Qingdao marine food nutrition and Health Innovation Research Institute, the two sides have carried out joint research and development around the action mechanism and compound compatibility of clam peptide, sea cucumber collagen peptide and other substances. Taking modern medicine, modern nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine as the product concept, using international cutting-edge scientific research and innovative technical means, after repeated product tests, efficacy evaluation and large sample trial taking of people, the market can be transformed and standardized production can be carried out only after the effect is stable and significant.

Kanger biology has continuously improved its independent scientific research and innovation ability, jointly built and shared cutting-edge scientific research achievements, cooperated with authoritative expert teams and scientific research institutions at home and abroad for in-depth cooperation and collaborative innovation, established a number of collaborative innovation centers and marine material research institutes, and is on the way of in-depth research and development of marine active polysaccharides, active peptides, active lipids and other material fields, Make every effort to build a product system with marine science and technology characteristics, and promote the technological innovation of health industry and the development of emerging food peptide industries.

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