2020-02-06 15:31


Fudi million mask love to send, help fight the epidemic!



[Beijing Direct News Network February 6th](Fu di)In the new year 2020, a war without gunpowder is going on. The new coronavirus suddenly broke out in a large area. In just over ten days, the epidemic spread all over the country. The cold number of cases climbed relentlessly, deeply affecting the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Mr. Chen Huaide, chairman of the board of directors of Fuyou group, attached great importance to the rapid launch of the epidemic prevention and control mechanism, popularized the prevention and control knowledge to all employees, dealers and consumers, and continued to pay attention to the progress of the epidemic prevention and control. He repeatedly stressed that at the important moment when the people of the whole country are working together to fight the epidemic, Fudi is duty bound. Fudi should not only insist on making high-quality products beneficial to the society, but also be an excellent enterprise beneficial to the society.

In view of the development of the epidemic situation, Fudi spared no effort to rescue the front line of mass prevention and treatment. Under the leadership and deployment of chairman Chen Huaide, Fudi company quickly decided to allocate resources, urgently purchased 1 million disposable protective masks, gave priority to ensuring that Fudi consumers get epidemic prevention materials in the first time, and contributed a little to the fight against the new coronavirus.

There is love in the world, and there is love in Fudi. Chairman Chen Huaide said: this sudden epidemic makes every Chinese's heart more closely connected. Fudi and all walks of life build a great wall of love and overcome the difficulties together. I believe that the dawn of victory is ahead! Fudi always implements the great love culture of "all we do is for love" and takes the initiative to undertake the enterprise's Responsibility and responsibility, spare no effort to provide material support for the society, vow to win the epidemic prevention and control war with our compatriots!

The illness came too suddenly, but it will be overcome. In the face of the epidemic, any language seems powerless. Only active action can win the final victory in the fight against the epidemic. At present, the epidemic has not been completely contained, so it is the first task to protect the health of ourselves and our families. Once again, we appeal to all employees and dealers of fidelity to always put safety protection first, and do a good job in health inspection and epidemic prevention.

Fudi million mask love to send, help fight the epidemic!

Since the establishment of the company, Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the corporate culture concept of "everything we do is for love" and "always put helping others first". It has done a wide range of charity projects, including education, poverty alleviation, pension, medical treatment, disaster relief and volunteers. The times are constantly changing, Fudi is constantly strong, and the business area of Fudi's charity layout is also constantly expanding. By actively participating in public charity, practicing social responsibility, making love run through corporate culture, and making public welfare a part of Fudi's corporate strategic planning. Today, Fudi once again contributes to the society and explains the true meaning of great love with practical actions.

Love is boundless, love is boundless. We would like to pay tribute to the medical, epidemic prevention, infrastructure and other workers who are fighting on the front line! In the difficult times, Fudi will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic situation on the front line, provide strong support to the front line, and provide care and help for the epidemic situation. Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!